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Makeup shopping tips for Trine when she visits the States

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Last night, I skyped with a really good friend of mine, Trine. She will be going to the States in a while. Trine mentioned about getting some MAC as it’s cheaper there than at home in Denmark, and then of course, I started babbling about what else she should take a look at. Living in Denmark, we really do not have access to that many brands. So this is also a blog post for all the Danes (or other countries that also only have a few beauty brands) that are going to the States to shop for some makeup. I have only been to New York before once a very long time ago, so I’m no expert on what there is, but I definitely know what we DON’T have.

The States! OMG! I got all excited because the States is THE place where you get 1. almost all the brands available, 2. access to all the shades/products of each brand, and 3. it’s probably the cheapest place to buy makeup! If I could afford it, the USA will be the place I wanna travel to, right now! Some of the following products and brands, I have not tried before. Just some products I think you would like to look into.

So dear Trine. Here is the list I promised you. Hope you can use some of it!


After watching tons of youtube videos and reading blogs about makeup, I’ve got an idea of where you get the makeup and beauty products in the States.

–>I’m thinking you would get the most by going to one of those place:

Target‘s health and beauty section: This is where you get all the drugstore brands.

Walgreens: I think you can get more or less the same here as Target.

Ulta: Seems more specific towards healthcare and beauty products. Seems like all the drugstore brands are available here too.

And of course, there is Sephora where you can get some high end brands as well.

And then just any mall for the high end products.


Trine  is no crazy makeup junkie like me, hence this tips post I do for her. So I’ll try to limit the list to adjust what I know she might like.

Drugstore brands

– I think you might like Almay as it’s says on their page that they do hypoallergenic makeup, and their headline is “makeup made for sensitive skin”. As I remember, you have quite dry skin, so don’t go for their TLC foundation. But their concealer seems to have gotten quite a good review. I have not tried this brand myself.

Milani. I’ve been enjoying the multitasker powder(review of this product here). And if you’re looking for some new lipstick colours, try their Color Statement Lipsticks.

– Revlon – is one of my favourite drugstore brands at all times. I would say go for their lip products – any of them. Ok, more specific, I enjoy the lip butters.  Or the super lustrous. I personally wanna try the lipstains called Just bitten kissable. And if you’re looking for a liquid foundation with medium coverage, go for the Colorstay. They have one for dry skin and one for oily/combination skin.

– NYX – I love nyx! You could try out their blushers, and the matte bronzer is really good. I love mine!

– Neutrogena – their Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. I thought this one would be perfect for you as you have a slightly drier skin(I hope I haven’t remembered wrong), and this foundation will give you a light to medium coverage. I know you wouldn’t like a foundation that is too heavy.

– Sonia Kashuk – seems like they do some really good brushes. I haven’t tried them myself, but they’ve got some pretty good reviews.

ELF – ELF is just so cheap. And you can really get some good products here. Their studio blushes are really good. I have a few of them. And the blush/contouring combo is very hyped. And also the mineral lipsticks are also very good.

– Maybelline. We have Maybelline back at home, but I just wanna mention the Color Tattoo pots. I know you are not much of an eye shadow gal, but these are compared to MAC’s paint pots. Gel shadows are really good, because you just use your fingers and smudge them on your lids, and your’re done. Easy and quick!

– Brushes – if you wanna pick up some brushes, take a look at the Real Techniques brushes and Sigma brushes. They are cheap, and very reasonable priced.

Non drugstore brands

Benefit: I’m thinking that you might like their face primer called the porefessional which is very hyped. Their blushes are hyped, but too expensive I think. They have so many products I wanna try out.

Urban Decay – they have really nice products. Their most raved products are their eye shadows, the eye primer potion, and their 24/7 eye pencils.

MUFE – Yes, yes, MAC is good, but don’t forget to take a look at MUFE (Makeup Forever) too. They also do some good products. I like their HD foundations.

– We talked about bareMinerals loose powder. Check out a video review by Wayne Goss of the product here. But I don’t think that it’s the best choice out there, taking the price into consideration. I bumped into this video, and the one called Terra Firma(which I’ve never heard of before) is the one preferred by the reviewer – it’s the favourite choice in his blind test – plus it’s the cheapest one of the bunch. Compare prices per gram here. You can also look into MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which is baked instead of a loose powder. It has got pretty good reviews too.

And for the really, really high end and expensive brands such as Chanel, Giorgio Amarni, YSL, Dior, Shiseido, Tom Ford – I just don’t think I would bother to look at these brands when I’m in the States(because we have them in DK too) when there’s so much more good brands that are reasonably priced.

OK, I’m gonna stop now. Don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information and products, Trine. You know I’m only one Skype call away anyway if you have any question 🙂



The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

versatile blogger award

Hi everyone

So this is my first time being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m very excited as I’ve been nominated by two bloggers. So thank you Christie at lawsofmakeup and Ainsley at vanityaffair22. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. As a newbie, this is so encouraging for me to keep doing it. I’m very excited to become a part of this beauty community in the blogosphere.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Nominate 10 fellow bloggers relatively new to blogging
  • Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Award picture to your post

I nominate:

1. Veronica at thebeautyarchrive:

2. Amelia at englishrosesblog:

3. imsobeautiful:

4. Karis at beautybykaris:

5. glamguttony

6. Linny Grey at thelovelytonic:

7. Kalli at kompsi:

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9. Bea at geekinpink1:

10. Stephanie at primpedandproper:

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I was born and raised in Denmark, and my parents were born in Vietnam, but their parents were born in China.

2. I’m a wanna-be nerd. I know a lot about computer and technology stuff without knowing how to programme.

3. The best morning is a morning with a solid breakfast and a big cup of black coffee – no milk, no sugar.

4. Usually, I don’t care much about designer brands for clothes, shoes or bags. But I have a weakness for Marc by Marc Jacobs for their bags and watches.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with cinnamon. It doesn’t appeal to me, but once I start eating a cinnamon bun, I think it’s delicious.

6. I have a thing for animated piggys. I have everything from mugs to soap dispenser with piggy prints on them.

7. I have absolutely no sense of direction. Even with Google maps on my phone, I can get lost.

Thank you, all my readers for your support.

Maria xoxoxoxo


Being new to all this blogging thing, I’ve found out about bloglovin! So this is my link:

I’ve been blogging for about a month now. I’m really enjoying sharing what I’m passionate about. Getting feedback from some of my readers, encouraging me, just makes me so happy! So please, tell me if you’re reading my blog. It will make my day!

And also, if you have been following my posts, I really want to hear your opinion. What do you think of my blog in general? More pictures? Too little/much text? Better quality pictures? More details? More product reviews/swatches/tips/finished looks? Maybe you wanna see some tutorials? I would really appreciate it if you will give me some feedback.


Real Techniques brushes

I have been wanting to do a review of some of the Real Techniques brushes, so here it is.

I own 6 Real Techniques brushes. 4 of them from the core collection, the powder brush and the stippling brush.

I didn’t bring the stippling brush as the brush head (the whole thing) literally fell off the first time I washed it. So very disappointed by this brush:


I really like the rest of the brushes though. These are the ones I’ve got:

realtechniquesbrushes standing  realtechniquesbrushes lying

The first one is the powder brush. Mind you, it IS a really big brush. So it’s actually not good for application, but I just like using a big powder brush. And I’ll just use a smaller brush for areas around my nose and eyes.

The next 4 are from the core collection with the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush. My favourite is the contouring brush – beside contouring, it’s also very good for applying blush. It’s small and pointy – so perfect for the purpose.

The buffing brush is also very good, but I actually prefer my Sigma F82 brush for setting my foundation. And I haven’t really been using the pointed foundation, nor the detailer brush yet. They look a little roughly made, but I’m sure they’re really good, but I just haven’t come to use them yet. Here are these two closed up from the front and from the side:

realtechniques foundationdetailer front  realtechniques foundationdetailer side

All the brushes are very, very soft. I’m glad I got them, and I want to try out the expert face brush as I’ve heard a lot good things about it. Another very important factor – the price. They are very affordable! The core collection for example, is 18$ for 4 brushes. The face brushes, around 10$, and the smaller brushes around 6$.

Would I recommend them? Yes. Because of the price and the softness. I would recommend getting the core collection.

They divide their brushes into sets, base(yellow/bronze ones), eyes(purple) and finish (pink). The new line is white, which are their duo fiber brushes. Here are all their brushes:

sets The sets

base Base

eyes Eyes

set Finish

For more information, visit their site:

Have you tried their brushes? What’s your experience with them?


Revised and updated “Links” section

Hello everybody

So today I’ve spent a lot of time revising my Links section. To all the makeup addicts out there, I know you also spend a lot of time looking at makeup shops online. I have gathered a list of online shops I have used, and some other I wanna try. There’s a mini review of the sites plus some practical information for each online shop.

Please take a look, and see if you find it helpful (for saving some money too!) by visiting this page: Online shopping. I created the content as a page and not a post as I want the information to be more easily accessible via my blog-page.

I also created a page with, now only, 2 links to cool makeup pages with tips and reviews here: Tips and review sites. Is there any other you can recommend?

And of course, a list of my favourite youtubers here: Youtubers

Please give me some feedback on other beauty related sites/online shops you can recommend.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR

I finally got hold of the Maybelline Color Tattoos a while ago, and have been trying them out. And I must say that I love them. I’ve got them in 3 shades:

maybelline color tattoo pots

20-Turquoise Forever

05-Eternal Gold


Just in general, I like cream eye shadows, or eye shadow bases as they are also called. I find them very easy to apply and blend (by just using my fingers). If I’m in a rush, one layer of cream shadow is all I need.

The colours I picked are very bright, and they go on the lids as the exact same colour and don’t fade out. The staying power is incredible too. I’ve been wearing them for nights out, and a 7km run the other day – it just didn’t move and stayed put. They are very affordable, so you’ll get something for your money. And now they also have them in the shops in Hong Kong too! Yayy!!

Different names/colours in different countries?

I bought these in Manchester, and when I did a little research on the internet, I got confused. It turns out that these little pots have different names depending on which country they are sold. So the Turquoise Forever, is called Tenacious Teal in the US. And if you look at the two sites, the colour ranges are different:

The UK site:

The US site:

Wearing the colours

Here are swatches of the 3 colours on my NC42/43 skin. Sorry for the bad lighting.

maybelline color tattoos swatches

Wearing the Turquoise Forever:

wearing maybelline color tattoo Because of the bad lighting the colour shows off much darker and deeper. This colour “in real life”

is much more bright.

Wearing the Eternal Gold:

maybelline color tattoo eternal gold grid I used it on the inner half of my lids. A very subtle gold. Very pretty!

Wearing the 24K Gold:

wearing 24k gold Wearing the cream shadow only. Didn’t apply other colours/powder shadow on the lids.

My next tattoo pots?

I am definitely getting more of these – I want all of them. But okay, a few at a time. On the wish list, I’ve got:

– Bad to the Bronze 25

– Painted Purple 20

– Tough as Taupe 35

– Edgy Emerald 50

Have you tried these pots? What are your experiences? Have you tried some of their limited editions that are not available on the website anymore? Haul and makeup look

YAYYY!! The box finally arrived! I’m SO excited to show you guys what I’ve got. It was my first time purchasing at, and can recommend it. It took some time to process as they wanted me to send in extra documentation to make sure my credit card was not misused. And the products were wrapped super tight and none of it was broken or anything.

cherryculture_open box  cherryculture products lined up cherryculture opened products

So I’ve got my NYX matte bronzers, NYX pastel nail polishes, NYX brushes, Mehron wheels, Milani finishing powders, some eyeliners etc.

Favourites of the box

Of course I couldn’t wait, and swatched some of the products and tried some of it out. With my NC42/43, I got the NYX bronzers in Medium and Dark Tan, and there’s a visible difference between the two(as you can see on the picture above). For a natural, light tanned look, the Medium is good. And for more precise contouring, the Dark Tan is perfect. For the Milani Multitasker Face Powder, I’ve got one in Light Tan and one in Tan. I would be able to use the Light Tan in winter, but I went to the beach the other day, so the Tan is perfect for me now. I could actually see a visible difference(in a good way) before and after I used the Milani face powder, so I’m impressed. I used the NYX B25 brush to apply the bronzer on my cheek bones. The brush feels a little rough, but it actually worked fine applying the bronzer. And then it’s my first time getting LA Girl – wow! – the Glide Pencils are amazing! They glide on so creamy, and is definitely waterproof! I have to get more of these!

As excited as I was, I thought I could do a look using some of the new stuff I’ve got. And this is the look I came up with:

cherryculture face cherryculture looking down cherryculture eye

I played around with some of the products. Mainly wanted to try out the face powder and bronzer. I should have used the dark tan for contouring as the Medium wasn’t dark enough to contour my face. And then I really wanted to include the LA Girl Glide pencil in Gypsy Teal which is a shimmery dark turquoise. And for the lips, I wanted to try out the Milani lipstick Color Statement  in Red Label.

The most of the products I used for this look:

cheeryculture look products used

Hope you liked this post. Please just ask if you have any questions about the products.

cherryculture funny face Funny face 😀