Mavala basecoat

Mavala 002 Base Protectrice, Protective Base Coat

There are millions of nail polishes out there but whatever colour or brand of nail polish I put on my nails, I always use my Mavala 002 base coat. This stuff is seriously one of my best discoveries. A friend recommended it to me last year, and I have recommended it to all my friends since, and they all thanked me ๐Ÿ˜€ So I really want to introduce to you this very under-hyped product.

mavala basecoatย ย mavala basecoat brush

It is super quick-drying, and is not overly expensive. I am not particularly good at looking after my nails and bump them into everything. Before I discovered this base coat, I could wear a nail polish 1-2 days. But this thing has prolonged my wear to 4-5 days, and sometimes up to a week!

For my fellow friends in Denmark and Hong Kong: you can find this product in some Matas in Denmark(not all Matas have it), and in Sasa if you’re in Hong Kong.




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