Ooops.. I did it again

Yes, I just placed a huge order online – again. But wait, wait, let me justify it (because that’s what addicts do)!

Living in Hong Kong, there are simply some brands I can’t get hold of, and many American web pages with an online shop don’t ship internationally. I found that does, and they have NYX which I’m familiar of, and like very much. I actually got into this whole search yesterday because I was looking for a matte bronzer, so I ended up with some NYX matte bronzers aaaand some few other things. I have heard a lot about Milani (which is not sold either in Denmark or Hong Kong), so I have also bought some Milani products to try them out.


I have never purchased from before, but will write a new post with a review once I’ve received the package. The web page actually has 40% off all NYX products right now, until May 8th! So I made a huge saving. Yayy!! I’m so so excited right now, and can’t wait to receive and open the box of magic πŸ˜€




  1. Been there, done that! I’ve promised myself that I won’t be buying anymore beauty products online. I’ve actually got to trek out to the store if I really want to buy something. I have been following this for more then a month now, and my spending has gone down quite a bit as a result. πŸ˜›

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