My lipstick collection in HK

As I live in Hong Kong now, I didn’t bring all my lipsticks, but this is my lipstick collection here in HK.

lipsticks  lipsticks opened lids  lipstic dior

So going from the left, we’ve got Maybelline, Revlon, Kate, Clinique, Elf, NYX, Dior(the most expensive one, and the only one that can’t “stand” when opened)

Generally, I like the Maybelline ones andthe Revlon lip butters the best. They are very moisturising and have a really wide variety of colours. And then there’s Kate which is owned by Kanebo, and is a Japanese brand. My only two lipsticks from Kate are nude – and also my favourite nudes as they have a slight rosy colour to them. Comparing them to the Revlon Creme Brulee (no. 5 of the row), I must give the win to Kate although the Creme Brulee is SO hyped. I didn’t buy the Clinique per se, as it came with something else I bought from Clinique. I ordered a few elf lipsticks a while ago. I would say they are okay, but dry my lips out a bit. I like colour nicely nude(no. 12 of the row) which is a very pretty pale pink. The NYX lipsticks are also very good in terms of pigmentation and staying power. Wouldn’t mind more of those!!! And then the last, and most expensive one – Dior. It’s a little ashamed, cause they actually quite hyped. It’s very moisturising, but the staying power is not very good, and for the price, I just wouldn’t purchase it again.

As you can see, I mostly like nude/pink lipsticks as I think it suits my pigmentation best.  I have 5 favourites I have picked out, and they are

lipsticks swatches  lipsticks swatch thumb

Maybelline 645 Red Revival – Maybelline 330 Sugar Plum – Revlon 025 Peach parfait – Kate BE-2 – Kate BE-1

If I can only choose one, it would be the Maybelline Sugar Plum. It’s my MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick! And whenever I want a MLBB with a nice golden shimmer, I would grab the Revlon Peach Parfait.

The two Kate ones are my nude lipsticks – the BE-1 is matte, and BE-2 is shimmery.

But sometimes, I just want a pop of colour on my lips, then I will grab for the bright red one!

Tips for choosing a lipstick

When it comes to lipstick, I think anyone can wear any colour! Don’t match it with your skin/skin colour – match it with your mood. That’s what I do. I always pick my lipstick of the day depending very much on my mood. If I feel brave and bright, I would grab the bright red, and sometimes I just want a wash of colour and will go for a pale pink. Of course, when it comes to nudes, I do think you should look for a nude that suits your lip pigmentation and skin colour. For me, nudes with a slight hint of pale pink suits me best and won’t make me look like a ghost.

Oh, and when you browse for lipsticks in shops, do the swatches on your fingertips instead on the back of your hand. Swatching on your fingertips will most realistically show you how it will look like on your lips.  Remember that next time you’re shopping for a new lipstick!



  1. I have heard lots of bad things about really expensive designer lipsticks like the Dior. It’s just more of a reason to buy the drugstore brands. 🙂 You have a lot of lipstick, but I can understand that they pile up easily, especially when they are drugstore brands which are cheaper. Have you ever tried the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel? Those are pretty lovely.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sam. No, and there are so many more lipsticks i wanna try out. For high end brands, I wanna try the mac ones and too faced. And for drugstore brands, I have actually considered the Kate Moss from Rimmel. But they don’t have Rimmel here i Hong Kong 😦

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