Makeup looking Sasa, Colormix and Aster

Today, me and my friend Pat met up for dinner and walked around to look at makeup and Forever 21. As I ran out of my makeup remover, I thought it was time to get hold of the much hyped Bioderma makeup remover. I bought the Sebium H2O as I think it’s better suited for oily skin. It’s not because I have very oily skin, but the hot and humid whether here in Hong Kong will make any skin type oily! I looked for it in both Sasa and Colourmix without success, but then Pat spotted it at Aster (which I’ve not noticed before), so I was lucky.

And then I was actually looking for the eyebrow pencil from Lioele. Colourmix is the only store in Hong Kong that sells this brand, and why not try it out now as I can’t buy this Korean brand back in Denmark? I wanted to try very specifically this one because Jen (frmheadtotoe) has been using this for a very long time. And as a huge fan, I of course also want to try it out. If she says it’s good, it must be 😉


РBioderma S̩bium H2O Solution Micellaire, 500 ml

– Lioele Auto Eyebrow in no. 2 (dark brown)


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