Finally joined the gym again today

The move from Denmark to Hong Kong has taken a lot of time and energy from me. And it means around 1,5 months of no gym. I tried to check out the gyms here in hk, but they are simply too expensive. So I actually ended up not joining. Then I got a call yesterday from California fitness about a promotion price, so I went today, joined, and and did my 5K. It felt great to start exercising again!
The gyms in hk is at least about 400 hkd (52usd) per month with a 12 month contract and restricted to one gym of the chain only. Comparing to Denmark where it’s 200dkk (35usd), with free access to hundreds of locations, hk is just too expensive. But for the price today, I’m satisfied although I had to prepay one year. The price was 3290hkd(424usd).
The slightly more expensive price is actually ok, as towels, shampoo, conditioner, body gel, body lotion is all included. It’s not so much because I can safe the shampoo, but because I now don’t have to carry several bottles and wet towels in my bag!!!
The hk gyms are actually much alike those in dk, the only visible difference is the very dimmed light which I don’t really get. One exception is fitness first which has really great facilities but then you also have to pay for it! The worst and expensive one compared to what you get is Physical. The service I got when I asked them about the price was not excellent, and they didn’t seem to care about having me as a customer.
You would have to go and ask and bargain for a price here in hk which I think is very weird, but that’s just how it works over here.
So this was a mini review of the gym research I did here in hk. I hope I can pull myself together and go 4 times a week, as I did before I left dk!


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