My favourite eyeliners for gel, liquid and kohl

Many of my friends have asked me to recommend an eyeliner. After having tried out quite many different eyeliners by now, I can answer without hesitation. But of course, as an addict, I will never stop looking. But for now, I have my winners for each type of eyeliners, and I want to share them with you.

So we’ve got:


Gel liner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, black Ink 1

Kohl: Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Liner, 01 Blackest Black

Liquid: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

Review? – There’s not much to say about these liners than: they are all very smudge proof and water proof. They are very pigmented, and will stay once you’ve put it on, and are easy to remove with a makeup remover for waterproof makeup.

Here are the swatches: gel, kohl and liquid at the bottom. They are all buildable, so you can achieve a thin line with them all, and build up if you want thicker lines.


I need to mention the drugstore version of the Bobbi Brown gel liner which is the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, 01 Black.

Seriously, these two gel liners are almost identical, where the Bobbi Brown one is a tiny, teeny bit more pigmented. So when I run out of gel liner, I would definitely repurchase the Maybelline one as it’s so much cheaper.


Here is swatches of both the gel liners:


The upper one is the Maybelline one, and lower one is Bobbi Brown. I don’t see any difference between those two, do you? One thing is how they look, but how wearable are they? Well, they are both super smudge – and water proof, and have a really long lasting power. So basically, the same thing πŸ˜‰

Which type of liner to choose

Gel liner: Out of the three types of liners, the gel has the longest staying power. As it takes a little longer for me to use the gel liner, I use it whenever I need a liner that lasts for a long time. Or whenever I have to make a thick, but still defined line, the gel is perfect. My current favourite brush for applying gel liner is from Bdellium, no. 540:


Kohl liner: Whenever I want a raw, smudged look, I will use the kohl liner. And remember to smudge out with a Q-tip to make the liner smudge-proof and achieve the smudge effect. I like to use the kohl pencil whenever I’m in a hurry as I can just throw the liner on without being precise, and smudge it out. I still haven’t tried out the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I’m still saving up money!

Liquid liner: There are several kinds of liquid liners. Fx. those you pull out of a container, or those where you can apply directly (some are very thin, and others with a much thicker brush). The reason the Maybelline one is my favourite is because it’s so quick & easy to use: I just apply directly, and I can do a very thin line, or a very thick line by marking how thick I want it, and fill in. So whenever I want a more sharp, sophisticated look, I like to use the liquid liner.

Retractable liners: I don’t have a favourite retractable liner, as I’ve found that they are usually very hard to put on. By this, I mean they are not very creamy, so by the time I’ve achieved the desired result, I feel I’ve been poking my eyes for ages. So generally I don’t like this kind of eyeliner.

Wearing the eyeliners

wearingbbgelliner Wearing the gel liner

wearingrevlonkohl Wearing the kohl liner

wearingmaybellineliquid Wearing the liquid liner

Tip: If you have a kohl liner you think is very stubborn (not creamy), you can stick it in a lighter for about 0,5 second. So don’t burn your pencil, but just in and out, and it you don’t have to poke your eyes again using that pencil.

So these are my favourite liners. What are yours? Please share πŸ˜€



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