What the devil will say to make you give him your money

So this is my second day at the gym in California fitness. They told me yesterday that I get a “free” session with a personal trainer. I know that their personal training programmes here are extremely expensive. So I thought that they should have a chance to persuade me to throw all my money at them. They can’t persuade me as I don’t have that kind of money anyway.

So this very handsome looking personal trainer spent more than an hour guiding me through some exercises that are suitable for me, and at the same time noting down my weaknesses. He was actually ok. Not overly pushy. But then I had a test taken,  you know one of those where you get everything measured (fat, muscle etc). Then another guy came and he was the salesman. I know that I have to train up some muscles, especially my back. But I felt like this guy kind of made use of the information they had on me and pushed. And kind of me feel like I’m stupid if I didn’t want to give them my money. 

So he looked at my test results and pointed out my too high fat percent and too low muscle percent. It’s not like I’m denying a fact here. I know I have to do something about it, but I felt like shit when he told me I had to lose so and so much fat. When he told me my “ideal weight” of 50kg I was shocked, although I know the standard is different here. When I look around, I see girls that I think are too skinny anyway(40-50 kg with an average height of 160cm). I might have Asian genes but I did grow up in a country where we enjoy fresh milk and fresh cheese on their bread for breakfast, some bacon to spice up dinner and maybe some freshly whipped cream with a home baked cake for dessert. My point is that I might be a little chubby here in Asia but I’ve always felt and been quite normal looking back home. No one back home would ever tell me that I need to get rid of 7 kg(around 15 lb)!

When the salesman found out I’m a poor student, he went from suggesting 10 sessions to 2. He came up with a reasonable price in the end(??). But he was selling too hard and it backfired. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? His sales talk might work for local customers, but man, having them pointing out my “flaws?”, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad about myself. And I had to decide whether to take his generous offer right away, and I caught myself saying no. Cause all I was thinking at the moment was: “So attacking people’s self-confidence is their strategy?

Am I being too sceptical here? Have they won? Cause now, I’m thinking I maybe should have accepted that offer(2 sessions of 60 mins for 1200hkd/155usd), as I actually might need some professional guidance to fix my back. Or have I made the right decision refusing their attempt to squeeze whatever they could out of me?

What do you think???

gym –> me at the gym after a nice, long shower. no makeup. no filter.

Self-image and the “ideal” weight

I know I’m generalising here, but I want to bring this topic up. Having lived in China and Hong Kong for a while now, I’ve noticed that, in general, the girls here are skinny. Really skinny. It’s not like they live in hunger, cause I’ve seen girls refusing to eat just to achieve the so-called ideal weight. I feel bad for them because they’re not supposed to have a bad self-image just because they’re not bones and skin. But that’s apparently what the majority of guys like over here. And sometimes, I just get so frustrated, thinking, what’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with having a sexy little belly or a nice, round bum? Come on girls, we all have our unique features whether you’re thick or thin. Embrace them, and only change yourself for the better! Be happy – not hungry!



  1. The devil is your conscience, your ideals and your self image. You are telling others to find confidence in their appearance but apparently you are not finding it in your own. The problem is not really the rude sales person, but the unrealistic expectations and beauty ideals that society has for you. The kind of ideals that this blog actually contributes to in a small way. I don’t hold any of this against you though, no one is perfect.

    1. I think I understand what you mean. Living in today’s society, it is indeed very hard to distinguish between distancing from the unrealistic ideals the society has for us, and still, what we do to become a slave of this ideal.

  2. damn depressing when you see healthy, athletic girls trying to starve themselves to look like freaky models… 😦 thank you for liking my makeup post xx

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