My skin care routine products

As with makeup, I do constantly look for good skincare product. However, there are some products I’m so happy with, I don’t bother to try out other brands.

Products I use every morning:

Ciracle Anti-Blemish Teatree Wash – Biotherm Biosource softening lotion, dry skin – Clinique all about eyes rich – Avène Clearance K Cream-gel for oily, blemish prone skin – EOS lipbalm melon flavour

Face wash

I wash my face with the Ciracle Anti-Blemish Teatree Wash. I found this product last year in Hong Kong, and I think it’s a Korean brand. A lady in Bonjour recommended me this product as I had a serious breakout last year, so I freaked out and looked for a face wash that is targeted at clearing up blemishes and reducing new breakouts. I have been using Biotherm Biosource hydra mineral cleanser toning mousse for years, and will probably go back to that one once I’ve used this up.

Skin tonic

After the face wash, I’ll use my Biotherm Biosource as my skin tonic. I just use a cotton pad to apply all over my face. I bought my first bottle years, and years ago. I have tried some other brands, but found myself going back to this one. It’s alcohol free, and doesn’t dry out my skin.

Eye cream

And then I would always make sure to apply an eye-cream. The one I’m using now is Clinique all about eyes rich. It’s a sample size I have. I actually bought it because I thought it was the other version of all about eyes, meaning the non-rich one. The consistency of this one is too thick, but is working ok. So I’ll just use up this one and maybe buy the “normal” all about eyes, because it’s indeed the best one I’ve tried. I have been using quite a few different eye cream brands by now – from low to high end, and found that the Clinique all about eyes is the best to reduce my dark circles. But I might give it one more try with the Kiehl’s Cryste Marine firming eye treatment based in this blogpost:


Right now, my moisturiser is Avène Cleanence K. I bought this product back in Denmark when I was looking for a product for my white heads, and the pharmacy recommended this one. It claims that it’s for oily, blemish-prone skin. But it actually feels wrong as I feel a thick layer on my face, but I didn’t want to spend money on a new moisturiser, so I just brought this to Hong Kong. However, their hand cream works like a dream for very cold and dry weather. I remember buying so many of them when I was in Paris a few years ago because they are so cheap there. And for cold and dry weather, I enjoyed the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference face cream. It simply gave me the softest skin although my face was exposed in minus degrees. The minus about this product is the smell. This is gonna sound weird, but it smells like a really nice smelling public toilet. So it’s ok, but not my favourite smell.

Lip balm

As I bought a few of the very hyped EOS lip balms, I’m now using the green melon one. I like the light, melony smell. But I absolutely think that they’re not worth the hype. It’s just a lip balm. Nothing special at all, maybe apart from the packaging.

For extra skin care products, I have the following:

Coni Gold foil liposome exfoliating gel – Clinique exfoliating scrub – JorgObé peel off mask – Sébium Sérum purifying renovating concentrate – Ciracle Anti Blemishes SPOT-X

Face scrub

I would sbrub my face 3 times a week. I’m using Clinique exfoliating scrub. I have been using a Biotherm scrub for years, and I just wanted to try out something new. And the Clinique is actually quite refreshing as it leaves my skin a minty feeling. Last year, when I was in Taiwan, I was persuaded to buy an exfoliating gel by Coni. It’s supposed to be a more gentle way of exfoliating the skin. You put it on, and start rubbing the face and thereby collect the dirt. And then you wash it all off. When I was trying it in the store, I tried it on my hand, and the stuff became black. But when doing it on my face at home, nothing really comes off. Maybe my hand was just very dirty that day. So I don’t feel a result as such with this product. I still use it once a week though – just because I have it. But I prefer a “real” scrub where I can feel the sand scrubbing my face.

Face mask

I’m one of those that is REALLY bad at putting on masks. I somehow simply never find time to do it. The one mask I own, is a peel off mask by Jorg Obé which is a Danish product . I use it whenever I get too annoyed by my white-heads. So I only use it around my nose area. The smell is pretty strong, but it works.

For blemishes

When I was covered in pimples last year, I bought the Bioderma Sébium serum which I was supposed to use every other night. When I bought it, my skin already began to clear up, so I haven’t really been using it. But it has got some pretty good reviews, so it should be a very good product. And whenever I get a pimple here and there, I like to use my Ciracle anti-blemish Spot-X, which is a spot treatment. My pimples go away very quickly whenever I use this.

Makeup removal

Bioderma Sébium H2O Solution Micellaire – L’Oreal Eye and Lip make-up remover, waterproof

For the eyes, I’m using L’Oreal Eye and Lip Remover for waterproof makeup. I have been using this for many, many years, and do not plan on shifting. When I was running out last year, I saw one from Elizabeth Arden which was cheaper than the L’Oreal. So I thought I should give it a chance as I’ve never tried another brand before. It was so bad that I agreed with myself, that I’ll just stick to my L’Oreal.

For the face, I just bought the Bioderma Sébium H2O. And I love it as it doesn’t dry out my skin. I’m very lazy when it comes to makeup removal in the evening/night. I’m really not good at the whole face wash regime in the evening. So I like that I can just use these two products with a handful of cotton pads, and then I can pass out.

Summing up – the products I would repurchase

1. L’Oreal eye and lip Make-up remover, waterproof

2. Clinique all about eyes

3. Bioderma solution micellaire (I think I’ll still try out the clear one with the pink cap though)

4. Biotherm Biosource skin tonic and wash wash mousse

What are your skin care products that you would definitely repurchase?



  1. Thanks for sharing your comments on the L’Oreal eye makeup remover. I have been looking for a new remover and will definitely have to check this one out!

  2. bioderma water remover , clarins hydra quench mask , clarins double serum , shesiedo creamy cleanser benefeciance ( not sure of spelling )

      1. Yes , At first i didnt , the third day things have changed . my face was smoother and radiant

    1. Hi there. It did a great job, especially combining with the face moisturizer and the spot treatment tube. I really like the line, and can recommend it 🙂

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