Weird beauty products you probably have ever heard about

Today, we were walking around in Hong Kong, on the Kowloon side (Tsim Sha Tsui, East TST, Hung Hom). I saw  Lung Shing Dispensary, so of course I had to take a look. This is kind of a beauty, bargain shop that sold many different things. Some of it was more weird than others. It’s always a little chaotic in there, but if you look for long enough, you’ll find some products for a reasonable price, and some of it is just the same as Sasa or Bonjour. So what I actually would like to share with you today, is the funny stuff I found. I laughed so hard in that shop, and had so much fun looking for those hilarious products! So I’ve made a top 5:

So on the 5th place, we’ve got the Magic Bra Pad. It’s 2 handy little pads you can pump up to the desired size, and just sneak them into your bra! Why surgery when you can get these for a few dollars?

magic bra pad

On the 4th place, it’s the Face Epi Roller. Okay, to be honest, I still haven’t figured out how this works exactly. But yes, what you see here, are 3 springs. And your facial hair is supposed get stuck in the springs, and somehow painfully come off. When I saw it, I got goosebumps thinking that it must hurt!!! Ouchh!!

facial hair remover

3rd place is the Nose Up! So, for all the naive Asians out there that think we can get a taller nose by squeezing and pull it with a plastic device, here it is. I don’t know about other Asians, but my family actually told me that I could get a taller nose by pulling it a few times a day. So actually, till the day today, I still do it out of habit! Haha I know! Now, stop laughing at me :p

nose up

2nd place is the easy feet. I mean, OMG! You never have to bend to clean your feet any more. Just rub your feet with the easy feet, and you’ll have clean feet! A must-have! 😀

easy feet

1st place. Okay. This is seriously the most genius thing I’ve ever seen! A bum strap! Haha. So, it’s a strap you wrap around your bum to get a nice, round and lifted bum. Wonder bras are so last decade, girls. This is 2013 – you need a wonder strap! Are you tired of your flat bum – this is the thing! I mean, look at the before and after pictures 😉

bum strap

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it entertaining. I haven’t tried them, but they might be really good products. Who knows. It’s just things I’ve never seen before, and found funny, and creative 😉 Will never have seen those products in Denmark 🙂



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