Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR

I finally got hold of the Maybelline Color Tattoos a while ago, and have been trying them out. And I must say that I love them. I’ve got them in 3 shades:

maybelline color tattoo pots

20-Turquoise Forever

05-Eternal Gold


Just in general, I like cream eye shadows, or eye shadow bases as they are also called. I find them very easy to apply and blend (by just using my fingers). If I’m in a rush, one layer of cream shadow is all I need.

The colours I picked are very bright, and they go on the lids as the exact same colour and don’t fade out. The staying power is incredible too. I’ve been wearing them for nights out, and a 7km run the other day – it just didn’t move and stayed put. They are very affordable, so you’ll get something for your money. And now they also have them in the shops in Hong Kong too! Yayy!!

Different names/colours in different countries?

I bought these in Manchester, and when I did a little research on the internet, I got confused. It turns out that these little pots have different names depending on which country they are sold. So the Turquoise Forever, is called Tenacious Teal in the US. And if you look at the two sites, the colour ranges are different:

The UK site:

The US site:

Wearing the colours

Here are swatches of the 3 colours on my NC42/43 skin. Sorry for the bad lighting.

maybelline color tattoos swatches

Wearing the Turquoise Forever:

wearing maybelline color tattoo Because of the bad lighting the colour shows off much darker and deeper. This colour “in real life”

is much more bright.

Wearing the Eternal Gold:

maybelline color tattoo eternal gold grid I used it on the inner half of my lids. A very subtle gold. Very pretty!

Wearing the 24K Gold:

wearing 24k gold Wearing the cream shadow only. Didn’t apply other colours/powder shadow on the lids.

My next tattoo pots?

I am definitely getting more of these – I want all of them. But okay, a few at a time. On the wish list, I’ve got:

– Bad to the Bronze 25

– Painted Purple 20

– Tough as Taupe 35

– Edgy Emerald 50

Have you tried these pots? What are your experiences? Have you tried some of their limited editions that are not available on the website anymore?



  1. I love how the colors look on you. I practically have most of the colors except painted purple and the orange one. It’s such a great buy! You should check out the spring limited edition. It’s to ❤ for lol

    1. Aww thanks. I’m still trying to acquire as many as possible. The problem is that I would have to buy them online and then I have to make a huge order to save on the shipping per item. It’s so much easier to have access to the products and then sneak a few home once in a while 😉

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