Real Techniques brushes

I have been wanting to do a review of some of the Real Techniques brushes, so here it is.

I own 6 Real Techniques brushes. 4 of them from the core collection, the powder brush and the stippling brush.

I didn’t bring the stippling brush as the brush head (the whole thing) literally fell off the first time I washed it. So very disappointed by this brush:


I really like the rest of the brushes though. These are the ones I’ve got:

realtechniquesbrushes standing  realtechniquesbrushes lying

The first one is the powder brush. Mind you, it IS a really big brush. So it’s actually not good for application, but I just like using a big powder brush. And I’ll just use a smaller brush for areas around my nose and eyes.

The next 4 are from the core collection with the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush. My favourite is the contouring brush – beside contouring, it’s also very good for applying blush. It’s small and pointy – so perfect for the purpose.

The buffing brush is also very good, but I actually prefer my Sigma F82 brush for setting my foundation. And I haven’t really been using the pointed foundation, nor the detailer brush yet. They look a little roughly made, but I’m sure they’re really good, but I just haven’t come to use them yet. Here are these two closed up from the front and from the side:

realtechniques foundationdetailer front  realtechniques foundationdetailer side

All the brushes are very, very soft. I’m glad I got them, and I want to try out the expert face brush as I’ve heard a lot good things about it. Another very important factor – the price. They are very affordable! The core collection for example, is 18$ for 4 brushes. The face brushes, around 10$, and the smaller brushes around 6$.

Would I recommend them? Yes. Because of the price and the softness. I would recommend getting the core collection.

They divide their brushes into sets, base(yellow/bronze ones), eyes(purple) and finish (pink). The new line is white, which are their duo fiber brushes. Here are all their brushes:

sets The sets

base Base

eyes Eyes

set Finish

For more information, visit their site:

Have you tried their brushes? What’s your experience with them?




  1. If you get the chance, you should try out the expert face brush. That one (and one of the eye brushes, the detailer brush, I think) are the only Real Techniques brushes I’ve tried, but I definitely really like the expert face brush for buffing in foundation. When you mentioned that you prefer your Sigma F82 to the Real Techniques flat foundation brush, I was immediately thinking that you should try the expert face brush. I haven’t tried the Sigma one, but they appear to have a similar shape and construction.

    1. Thanks… I will get hold of it next time I make an online order. There are so many brands we don’t have in Hong Kong! I need to get hold of the Sigma flat kabuki one too. Can’t have too many brushes, right 😉

  2. You should try to contact Real Techniques. Maybe you just got a dud. I’m sure they’d be happy to replace anything that was defective, most companies do. I have the core collection and the starter kit and I love them 🙂

    1. Yeah… I was thinking that I could have done it too. I left the brush back at my home country, so it’s too late now. Thinking of getting the starter kit too 🙂

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