Shimmery bordeaux-ish eye look

Just for fun. Thought I could post a look I did yesterday before I headed out. Enjoy 🙂

Click on the pictures to see them in bigger size.


1: Tip: I used blotting paper to suck out all the excessive oil from my face. I find that just as effective as using a face primer.

2. I used Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin in 330 Natural for my NC42 shade.

3. I used my Urban Decay eye primer and dabbed it on my eyelids and the surrounding area.

4. Tip: I like to draw my brows after priming the lids as the primer can have some time to set while I’m doing my brows.

5. Sleek iDivine, Snapshot, the colour Sand Walker.


5. I used this neutral light colour to pad all over my lids.

6. Sleek iDivine, the Storm palette, the the shimmery bordeaux/red-ish shade on the upper right corner of the palette.

6. Pad it on the lids. Repeat 2-3 times.

7. Smudge the colour upwards to the crease area.

8. Using the black shadow just below the bordeaux on the palette.


8. Pad it on the outer corner.

9. Use a clean blending brush and blend blend blend blend blend.

10. Go back to the bordeaux and reapply as you’ve probably blended some black too much towards the inner corner of the eye.

11. Use a neutral, light brown colour, pad on the rest of the lids as a transition colour. I used another clean blending brush.

12. Highlight – I used a shimmery vanilla shade to pad on the brow bone.


13. And the same highlight shade on the inner corners.

14. Gel liner. Upper and lower line, and I made a wing. Love wings!

15. Falsies. Curled my lashes before applying the lashes. Confession: I still struggle with false lashes. I need more practise!

16. Covering up the white glue with a back liquid liner.


17. Finish off the lashes with a thin coat of mascara.

18. Tip: I like to finish off the eye look by cleaning up the fallouts. Then apply an under eye concealer, and then an eye shadow under the eyes – to connect with the rest of the eyes.

19. Powder the face. I used my Milani multitasker in 05 Tan.

20. The blush is from Sleek. In Suede 921.

21. Using the NYX matte bronzer in Dark tan with the Real Techniques contouring brush.


21. Apply the bronzer the famous 3-way.

22. For the lips, I used the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in 185 Rose Dust for longer staying power. I Love this shade!

23: Take pictures of the finished look ❤

I’m sorry for the worse lighting on the last pictures. I started late afternoon, and when I finished, it was dark outside.

Maria xoxo



  1. Love the look. I clicked on the pics to see a larger view and it looks gorgeous. You should highlight the end result with a bigger sized pic because it is so beautiful and the detailing is more visible. Can’t wait to see more looks as a friend of mine has similar eyes and I can take inspiration from you every time I have to do her makeup, You are gorgeous ❤

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and your suggestion for making the end result bigger. Will do that next time. I love playing with different colours and makeup looks, and I’m just so happy that there actually are people out there that are looking at my posts. Really encourages me ❤

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