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I was in Etude House for my first time yesterday. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it is a Korean brand, and opened in Hong Kong a while ago. I have heard people go crazy about it, and plus, Jen from frmheadtotoe has also talked about their products in her videos, so I thought I had to take a look.

So this was what I bought:

etude shopping A shower sponge, a brow pencil and a lip tint. The price was cheaper than I expected compared to the hype around. All that summed to 17,5USD.

I thought I wanted to do a look where I’d use these two products, and ended up with a full Korean-inspired look! Before I move on, I just wanna mention that I wanted to compare the lip tint from Etude and the Benetint from Benefit. To be honest, I’m one of those that’s not really impressed by Benetint. It’s not very pigmented, and fades out to nothing – compared to the one from Etude.

Left: Etude House. Right: Benefit.

On to the look! I’ve never really experimented with the Korean inspired looks before, so it’s my first try on this. I did a little research before starting. This is the final result:

Camera 360

What characterises the Korean look? Tips and steps.

1. To start off – Make sure the face is flawless. So you would need much more concealer than you would normally go for. Finish off the face with a powder.

2. Prepare and prime your lids to get ready for the heavy eyeliner. Keep the eyeshadow simple by using choosing a light, shimmery colour to put on the lids.

3. Brows: Korean-styled brows are kind of thick, light and short, and only with a very slight arch. I used the brow pencil from Etude house.

4. It’s all about the black eyeliners. I used a kohl and a liquid liner. The liquid for making the wings and definition. And kohl for the waterline all the way around the eyes. Soften up the look again by going over with a charcoal coloured eyeshadow on the lids and under the eyes, including the water lines. Tip: When winging the liner, make it harder(triangle-ish kind of wing) instead of a soft, long curled wing (hope you get what I mean). Another tip: Finish off by using a white/light pigment on the lower inner corner of the eyes.

5. False lashes is a must of this kind of look. And lots of mascara on the lower lashes.

6. If you like, highlight on the cheekbones and center of the nose. And a little light contouring on the cheeks and nose would be great too.

7. I used a very sweet pink blush on my cheeks.

8. The lip tint thing is quite in here in Asia right now. The idea is first to prep the lips with either a concealer or a lipstick that is very close to your skin colour. And then use the lip tint just on the inner part. Like this:


9. For me, it’s step 9 because I don’t like to apply my makeup with these black contact lenses I have. But you might want to start off with this step(before you start to apply the makeup). Black contact lenses are needed here. The ones with just a black ring – to make your eyes look bigger. I used these:


Voila. That’s the important steps for a Korean look. For me, it seems like it’s all about contrasts: Flawless face vs. stong eyes. Harsh eyeliners vs. softened look with the charcoal coloured shadow. Black vs. the shimmer on the lower inner corner. Light coloured vs. strong shaped brows. Bright red tinted lip vs. the rest of the (washed out lips) etc. It’s been really fun trying to do a look like this. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Some of the products used: Makeup Forever HD foundation, Mehron cream foundation(for concealing), Milani Multitasker powder, Lime Crime eye primer, Etude House eyebrow pencil,   Revlon Colorstay kohl pencil in black, Kiss Me Heroine liquid liner, NYX pigment in pearl white, ELF blush in pink passion, Revlon lip butter in Creme Brulee, Etude House tint and lip balm.

I apologise for the overly cute and sweet faces. It’s just how Asians like to do it, and I thought I should try to imitate the Korean self portrait style too haha. More pictures of this look.

Camera 360 Camera 360Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

korean eyes1  korean eyes2  korean eyes3

Maria xoxo



    1. Haha thanks (I’ll take that as a complement as that’s what I was going for)… 😉 I don’t think I’ve ever put so much concealer on my face haha

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