My 10 favourite brushes

It’s not like I have an excessively large amount of brushes, but if I can only get to keep 10, it would be these:

10 favourite brushes

1. The first one on the top is Real Techniques Powder brush. It’s a really large powder brush. Some people would say that it’s too big to apply powder precisely. But I like a big powder brush. The bristles are so soft, and it’s very easy to wash.

2. Sigma Round Kabuki F82. I use this brush to buff in my foundation. I’ve heard a lot about the flat kabuki, so I wanna get hold of it and compare with this one. This round kabuki is very dense and soft. Which makes it perfect for thinning and blending the foundation out.

3. Clinique foundation brush. I use this brush to dab my foundation all over my face. And then I use a buffing brush(The Sigma F82) to buff it out. I have had this brush for I don’t remember how many years so I don’t know if they still sell it. But it’s very soft (compared with the Sigma foundation brush). It’s definitely durable with all those years I’ve had it, so I’ve washed it many many times, and it’s still in good shape. However, I find it difficult to wash and get all the dirtyness out, so I need to rinse it a few more times.

4. MAC 116 for applying blush. I actually didn’t really like this at first as I don’t find the bristles to be that soft. I don’t know why, but I found myself grabbing for it more and more often. I like it for the brush size, the density and the end result I get with this brush. But again, not the softest blush brush out there.

5. Real Techniques contour brush. I love using this brush for contouring. It’s super soft, the shape and size is perfect for the purpose. This is actually also perfect for putting on your blush.

6. MAC 239. My eyeshadow brush. Again, not the softest brush, but somehow, it works out really well. The size and density makes it perfect for padding on eyeshadow.

7. Sephora blending eye. I bought this a very long time ago in China, so I don’t know whether they still sell this one. This brush is perfect for applying and blending the darker colour on the outer corner if you wanna make a smokey eye. It’s not the softest brush, but works out amazingly.

8. Sigma Blending E25. My other blending brush. I always need another clean brush to blend out the harsh lines of my eyeshadow. I like using this one. The bristles are soft, and the size is perfect for my eyes for blending.

9. Nilens jord. This is seriously one of my first brushes ever. I think it’s a Danish brand. I haven’t really seen it other places. It’s basically just a really small brush I like to apply eyeshadow on the lower lashline with.

10. Sigma Pencil E30. I mainly use this brush for highlithing my browbones and inner corners of my eyes. But this brush is so soft and small and with a perfect shape for doing any detailed work on the eyes.

What are your favourite brushes/brand of brushes?

Maria xoxo




    1. Hey Maria! I was wondering if you could do a blog post on how you keep your brushes clean? Loved seeing your brush collection. I don’t have a cleaning routine, so I’m in the market for a cheap way to clean them without having to buy designer brush cleaners. πŸ™‚

  1. These are all great brushes! I actually have the F80 and I absolutely love it! I’ve also been on the look out for a new blush and powder brush so this gave me some new ideas, thanks for the great post!

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