How I wash my brushes

Oh my!!! It has been such a crazy, crazy week for me that I’ve either blogged, nor looked at other blogs! I’ve just been really, really busy! It’s strange. I’ve only been blogging for 2 months, but it’s already become a habit and a every-few-day routine for me ❀

This post is about brush washing. A few of my friends have asked me how I wash my brushes. There are so many ways to do it, and there are also many different products out there for brush-cleaning. So this is what I do…..

First of all, I always keep my brushes in to 3 different cups; one for big face brushes, one for small eye brushes…. and one for used/dirty brushes. This way, I always know which to wash because they are all in one cup! I wash my brushes about once a week.

! A confession: I know I’m supposed to spot clean every time I use the brushes, but I’m too lazy to do that 😦

So here are my dirty brushes-cup:


I know there are many specific brush wash soaps out there, but I’ve not really been able to find any in the stores, and I just don’t wanna spend money on brush soaps from the high-end brands… it’s just a soap…

I’ve heard that you could use a little dishwasher mixing with few drops of olive oil. Or just a disinfecting (hand)soap will do. Out of habit, I’ve been using a feminine soap. What I do, is that I turn all the brushes upside down in the cup: put in a little bit of water and a few drops of soap. Swirl them a little around, and let them soak for a few minutes:


And then I start washing them. Place the brush (one at a time for face brushes and 2-3 at a time for eye brushes with similar shape) in luke warm water. I just rinse and put the soap directly in my palm. I make sure to have my hand half opened/half closed, so that it forms a “bowl” – this creates lines in my hand I use as kind of a “scrubbing board”:

2013-07-07 15.50.50

and then just swirl the brush in the palm, clean it, and rinse it until the water is clear. Press the water out with your fingers:

IMG_5049Β Always try to point the brushes downwards to avoid the water to go into the “root” which can damage the brush. I know that many people say that the water is not supposed to touch the handle at all, but come on – it’s impossible to avoid that.

I put the brushes on a towel one by one (I divide the wash in to two parts – big and small brushes). Use the towel to suck as much water out of the clean brushes as possible:


For a few brushes that are extra stubborn, I give them one more round of washing. I dip them into a makeup-remover and soak for a few minutes. And then I wash them again.

IMG_5054Β Β IMG_5055

I have the Sigma Dry’n Shape, so I use it for the brushes that need shaping the most:


And for the rest (mostly small brushes), I just place them at the edge of a table:

small brushes drying

Just make sure that you don’t dry them with the brush tips pointing upwards. The water will move downwards and might damage your brushes.

I’m still playing with ideas for a DIY brush drying system….

Sigma came out with the Sigma Spa brush cleaning glove. I was thinking of buying it, but I just think it’s too expensive to pay 35$ for a rubber glove! However, I’ve heard that it’s really effective. So it’s probably worth it of you have tons of brushes to wash all the time. But for now, I think I’m good πŸ˜‰

Do you have any awesome brush washing tips you wanna share with me???

Maria xoxo



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