I attended a makeup class!

A while ago, I bought a Groupon deal on a makeup-class. It was a two-hour class for 10USD, so it was super cheap. I didn’t realise until I was there, that it was a beginner class. We were 6 people in the class, and we had to bring our own makeup to do a natural daily makeup.

The teacher was the owner. I was very excited to get some tips from a Hong Kong makeup artist as I usually only watch western makeup artists on youtube. I got to try out a few things that I haven’t tried before.

We practically went through the standard process: foundation, loose powder, natural eye shadow and blending, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes, blush and lips. But there were a few things that I haven’t tried before.

The first thing was to only apply foundation on the center-part of Β the face. It requires that the foundation is an exact match though. But the point is to achieve a lighter feeling on the face as you’re wearing less foundation. It’s actually a good idea, but I still think it feels a little weird as I’m not used to it.

And then we also learned to apply false lashes (only a small piece) under the eye lashes. I haven’t tried it before and thought it sounded quite scary, but gave it a try anyway. I applied it and it went on ok, but I found myself scratching my eyes as they were a little irritated, and the lashes fell off later on the day. Maybe I just need a little getting use to and some practise. The immediate result, though, was really nice and natural.

I forgot to take pictures from that day, so I’ve recreated the look with the tips. Today, I forgot to only apply foundation on the center of the face though.

I’m sorry for the bad photo quality(hence the angry face haha). The battery of my camera went flat, so tried with both back and front camera on my phone.

The finished look:

2013-07-14 13.04.43

Close up on the eyeliner and eyelashes I did. We were told to line the upper waterline(something I’m not incredibly fond of doing) and add false lashes under the eye lashes – to achieve a natural look.

Left: upper waterliner line lined with black eyeliner, and mascara + false lashes added.

Products used:


Were you familiar with adding false lashe under the eyelashes???

Maria xoxo



  1. It’s great to learn new makeup techniques even though it may not suit your makeup routine. I’m presently attending a makeup course as I wanna be a verified MUA. It has been d most amazing experience. Let me know if you will like to see a review on it or if u have any questions. 😊

    1. Oh, yes. I would really want to hear your experience. I’ve been considering to go to a makeup class too. In fact, the MUFE academy, but it’s SO expensive. If I stay in Hong Kong to work, I might get enough saved up to pay for it!

      1. I will do a review ASAP. It’s really rewarding attending a makeup Academy. Yea, it can be a lil hard on d pocket but its worth it. Just make sure u invest in d better schools out there cos there is nothing worse than shelling out a load of money n regretting it.

    1. Yes, definitely! It was really fun. And it was really great to hear about the teacher talk about her experiences on doing makeup on local makeup artists πŸ˜€

  2. I’ve seen people use false lashes under the eyes as well as only applying your foundation to the center of your face, but I don;t do either. I just know the false lashes would irritate me too much and I would just end up taking them off, and as for the foundation aspect I just don’t have good enough skin to do something like that. Glad you had a good time even if it was still a beginner class πŸ™‚

    1. I just need to find a foundation with an exact match. I’m still struggling with that! Ive been wearing the lashes for a few hours now, and actually don’t feel any major irritations. Might fall off later haha..

    1. It was pretty scary at first, but actually ok once I got used to it. I would definitely not do it on a regular basis though. Don’t think that sticking glue up at the upper waterline would be very good…

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