Revlon Colorstay foundation

A part of my foundation reviewing project. Last time, I reviewed the Rimmel wake me up foundation.

I have had a really complicated relationship with this foundation, but it’s time for me to let go. It simply does not match my skintone.

I really wanted to like this foundation, so I guess I’ve been ignoring the fact that it doesn’t match my skintone. I know that is a huge no go, but there are a few reasons I’ve been grabbing for this foundation anyway: good consistency, great coverage, doesn’t break me out whatsoever, SPF 15 etc. etc. I just feel like it’s the perfect foundation for me beside the shade-problem!

It’s actually not so much the shade as such(it should either be lighter or darker), but more like the undertone there’s something wrong with. I’ve got mine in 330 Natural Tan for oily/combination skin, for my NC42/43 skin. My undertone is very yellow. Maybe I should try some others such as Golden Caramel or Rich Tan? I still need to find a way to get hold of it though. I bought mine when I was in the UK. This foundation is either sold in Denmark or HK (in a way)…….

Hong Kong just got the Colorstay foundations a while ago, but only in a few shades, and definitely far from the dark shades! So when I saw the bottles in the store, I got excited in a few seconds until I saw the tiny colour range.

Anyway. Enough talk. Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

2013-07-14 12.33.37 The colour between my head and my chest simply does not match.

IMG_5186 Wearing the foundation on the right side of my face.

IMG_5188  IMG_5189

Are you also “secretly” wearing a “no-go” foundation although you think it’s wrong? 😉

Maria xoxo



  1. Hi Maria! I’ve been contemplating trying this foundation out. I’ve read a lot of great reviews on this but I’m still torn whether to get the L’oreal one or the Revlon. Does it really last all day (considering the hot/humid weather)? Thanks for this review! kisses from roro 🙂

    1. By L’oreal, you mean True Match??? I haven’t tried true match for AGES… like 10 years ago or something, so they’ve probably changed the formulation a few times since. But I liked the true match then – just thought the staying power could be better, but again – it’s was then. Yes, I think the Colorstay does stay for a pretty long time!!

      1. try Bourjois Paris 123 CC Cream it’s absolutely amazing & only 9.99! I find I don’t need any concealer with it as the coverage is just incredible 😀 and it contains an SPF 15 moisturiser so you can just wake up and put it straight on! perfect for Summer xxxx

      2. Uhh really… I had a short look at their Healthy Mix, but thought the shade was a little grey, and looked weird. Might look the their CC-cream then. Thanks for the tip 😉

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