elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette

I finally got around to do a proper swatch of all the colours of this palette. I also have the other one, just called 100pc eyeshadow palette. I bought them on sale quite a long time  ago, so these were like I think 10£ for 100 eyeshadows – which was waste of my 20£(for two palettes)!

See the palette on the official site here.

2013-07-27 21.56.18

I would say that elf is a hit or miss-brand. And this is definitely a miss! To make it short – I don’t like the palette: if you look at the it, he colours look great, but once you get to use them, they are just useless. The matte shades are chalky, clumpy, and are not pigmented at all. Some of those with satin finish are okay once you rub your finger very hard on the shadow, but as I usually use a brush to apply powder shadows, these just don’t really work.

So I started to swatch them all, and looked for those which are acceptable, and which to just throw out. I’m thinking of buying a Z-palette, and then depot those I could use. I ended up with 26 shadows that are acceptable. I still have to go through the other palette. It did take me some time, and I made a real mess haha.

Since I bought the palettes, I have been feeling guilty of buying new eyeshadow palettes because I’ve got all the colours, right? I just realised that I’ve never used them after a few attempts of applying with the palettes.

2013-07-27 21.56.28

Can you recommend a big  and comparatively cheap eyeshadow palettes? Maybe I should try out the Coastal Scents/BH cosmetics? Which would lead me back to the other dilemma… pheww… it’s not easy is it 😉

Have an awesome weekend!

Maria xoxo



  1. I have both those palettes as well! One of mine is all browns and neutral colours tho, I don’t use them much I used them to do a colourful look on my youngest sister for Halloween. (I got mine free with purchases I made) Now when I get the chance I’m going to do some swatches and see if I have the same problems ! 🙂

  2. Coastal Scent’s 42 double stacked shimmer palette is a great palette to use. It costs S$38, but I’d still say it’s money well spent considering the huge variety of eyeshadows, and the good quality of most of the shades. The blushes are lovely too.

    1. Hi Sam. Yes I’m sorry I haven’t replied. It was from a newly created account so forgot to check it haha… I would actually ask you further but it’s late now, so gonna d it in the morning 🙂

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