My Favorite Nude Lip Combo

I don’t do many reblogs, but just can’t resist on this one. Look at that perfect nude lips look! ❀

Leather & Lipsticks

My Favorite Nude Lip Combo

Ever since Ive discovered this combo, I havent stopped wearing it! I dont like my lips too pale so nude lips are sort of a challenge for me. However I love how the combination of these products look. I start out with a Milani Color Statement lip liner in Nude. Then apply Mac Freckletone on top. Then on top of that I dab on a bit on Nars Honolulu Honey, just to lighten it up a bit. Lastly I top it off with the lipgloss Revlon Super Natural. Let me know your favorite nude combos below πŸ™‚

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      1. One of my absolute favourite nude lipstick is about $3.00. Craaazy but it’s the Essence lip stick in “in the nude”. I wish the line made more colours cause this is the only one I like, but it’s the perfect nude for my lips. Super creamy and moisturizing as well.

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