Makeup Forever HD foundation

One of my favourite foundations I have tried is the Makeup Forever HD foundation. I like the light consistency along with the decent coverage and good staying power. Note that there is no SPF in it, which makes it perfect if I know I would be taking pictures with flash as SPF can result in flash back that can make the face look white. So I like to use this foundation for a night out as I don’t need the SPF, and pictures taken in clubs usually involve flash πŸ™‚

I have been buying my MUFE HD foundations in unfortunate times of the year, so I own a really dark one, and one that is slightly lighter for my skintone now. What I do is just to mix the two, and I get a very good colour match:

???????????????????????????????Β  I have the shades in 127 and 170, and I’m a NC43

IMG_5356Β I usually use 1,5 pumps to cover my entire face.


IMG_5365Β  Wearing the foundation on the right side of my face.

IMG_5372Β  Finished makeup


Verdict: I love this foundation, and would repurchase. I just have to make sure to get my exact match next time haha..

Maria xoxo




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