Michelle Phan’s makeup-line, em

As some of you might already know, one of the most successful (beauty)youtubers, Michelle Phan (with L’Oreal) came out with her own makeup-line, em-cosmetics. I remember that Michelle was one of the first youtubers that caught my attention because she also has Asian features. Working with social media, I have seen many people comparing her with many other famous celebrities’ social media performance – to show what you can achieve with an online community – with just a laptop and internet. Today, she has more than 4,7 million subscribers on youtube! I admire her for her will and courage to chase her dream, and I’m so happy for what she has achieved.

The brand: I don’t have the products, so I can’t really say anything about them, but what I want to emphasise, is the idea behind, and the way she has branded the product. I think it is so refreshing that this brand is community-based. You can really feel how close the product-line is to her heart. And that has an effect – because we have all been watching her for so long. Here is a short clip about the idea behind the name:

And this is the official add for the line:

And another video I want to show you, is Michelle’s “Draw my life”. I admire her for sharing such intimate parts of her life, and it really touched me:

Having browsing through the webpage and these few videos, I truly feel the meaning of the slogan: “em – a reflection of me”. I see how much effort Michelle has put into every single detail of, not only the products, but mostly, telling the story behind.

The products: The main products, I would say, are the life-palettes. There are 6 life-palettes, each is divided into 4 themes, so you get 4 cheek shades, 8 lip shades and 24 eye shades in total. Other than that, the line has everything you would need for a full-faced makeup. After watching a few reviews of the line on youtube, the general comments are that they really like the sturdy packaging, and the fact that you can pull all the shades out and put them into a smaller palette(that comes with a purchase now) to carry around. The eyeshadows are mostly really good and pigmented. The reviewers also seem to like the lipsticks a lot because of the creamy formula. And the mascara seems to be less liked among the reviews I saw.

The price: em-cosmetics is marketed as a luxury brand. Here are some examples to give you an idea: the life-palette is 75USD, the face powder is 30USD, mascara is 20USD, and a lipstick is 16,5USD. I personally think that it is ashame the price range is up there. I think that they can sell out a lot more if they just adjusted the price to reach a bigger audience. Especially for all the young girls and women(including me) that are looking up to her, and actually really want to support her – she makes it a little hard with that price range.

Availability: I am not so sure, but I think, for now, it is only available in the States.

Anyhow, I am very happy for Michelle, being able to literally have a dream come true, by having her own makeup-line. I wish her good luck πŸ˜‰

Maria xoxo



    1. The journey there is never easy – that’s why it’s a dream. Some people give up along the way, some don’t. For those who have got through, I admire all their willpower and courage πŸ™‚

      1. Your right, its a hard fight… but we all have the possibility to do it if we try hard enough!! one of the women that really inspired me was Estee Lauder.

        I was told a beautiful story about Estee when she wanted to launch her perfume she went to macy’s they refused to stock it… so she threw the bottle on the floor smashing it and releasing the perfume. All the women was mesmerised and demanded to buy it πŸ™‚ Therefore Macy’s had to supply it.

        There is always a way xx

      2. Wow, I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me. Yes, I was actually not sure about making this post as I haven’t even tried the products. But it’s more about how hard work and dedication can get us, and Michelle is that inspiration!

      3. Im not sure it’s well known but I have been working with Lauder a long time and one of the trainers from abroad told us.

        I doubt we will get the products locally as we are such a small island, but I agree hard work and dedication can get us anywhere, especially with the right people to inspire us.

  1. I checked out the website a few weeks ago and I was really impressed by the little videos showing how to create different looks with each product (mini tutorials!), but I agree with you about the price being a little steep for a new brand with no reputation to justify it. I think I’ll let others test the waters before I spend that much on eyeshadow…

    1. Yes, it is really thought through! I think many people think the same. Good that Michelle has sent the products to so many fellow youtubers to review. What I like is that they are actually quite honest about the products in their reviews πŸ™‚

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