Application of false lashes

One of my friends and follower –  MamaSine asked me to do a post on false eyelashes. I must admit that I’m not super trained on this field, but I gave it a try. It was a little difficult to take pictures of what I was doing, but I will list down below step by step what I did:

1. Take out the eyelash carefully and measure with your eyes so that you know how much to cut off. Rather cut too little than too much off because you can always go back and and cut again.

??????????   Camera 360

2. You need a good eyelash glue. I have heard good things about the Revlon eyelash glue. Paint the glue on and make sure to cover the ends well.

Camera 360  Camera 360

3. While waiting for the glue to become sticky(about 30-45 seconds), I curl my lashes.

Camera 360

And then we’ve got the hardest part – putting on the lash. You can use your fingers, a tweezer, or an eyelash applicator. I actually like to use the tweezer as you can dab the lashes in with the back of the tweezer. Other than that, we just need to practise.

Hold and lift the lashes for a few seconds while it’s drying to give them the right angle.

??????????  20130911_141555

5. I applied a mascara concentrating at the roots just to hold up the curls and blend them with the false lashes. Try not to smudge it on the tips (of the false lashes).



6. Always make sure to have an eyelash glue and Q-tips with you in your bag. You never know when it starts to come off.

Please comment if any of you have any other great tips for false lashes application.

I hope this helped, Sine 😉

Maria xoxo



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