Doing my brows with a pencil

I am one of those people that have no brows. So I have to define them from scratch which is why I prefer pencils over powders as the powders are best for just filling in. I don’t just need filling in – I need to define them. I really wish that I had thicker brows! I have done a post on my brow pencils, click here to see my brow pencil collection.

Here is a quick pictorial of how you can do your eyebrows if you practically have none like me πŸ™‚


1. Start off brushing through the brows.

2. Find out where to start and end, and the arch. It’s easier to show you with a picture:

Disclaimer: this picture is taken from the book, Makeup The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris. Page 22.

Tip: Don’t draw it too heavy where the brow starts, so try to make it lighter there than the rest of the brows to get a more natural look.

3. You can just fill out with the pencil, or “frame” it first as I’ve done on the picture. Usually, I actually just fill out right away.

4. It’s okay not to have it right on the first go. I go back and forth, trying to make it right a few times if I have a bad brow-day.

5. There would probably be too much product on the brow by now, and might look a little unnatural. So just make sure to brush through the brows until you get the desired coverage.

And you’re done πŸ™‚

There are so many brow shapes out there, and mine changes too. Sometimes, I feel like thicker brows with a harsher arch, and other times, I feel like thinnner brows with a soft arch. Whatever makes me feel comfortable πŸ˜‰

Do you have any other tips for the perfect brows?

Maria xoxo



  1. My brows are very similar. If I leave the house without filling in or doing my brows, I feel really weird. I prefer using a powder though. I find it works better for me as I also need to darken them. I always keep a brow pencil in my handbag though for brow-emergencies πŸ˜‰

    Great post!

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