Maybelline Bold Matte in MAT1

Just a super quick review of one of the two newly acquired lipsticks from the Maybelline Bold Matte by Color Sensational Color.

I was browsing through the makeup section in Watsons the other day and saw these new lipsticks in bright neon colours, so of course I got so excited that I bought two: one in neon pink(MAT1) and the other in neon orange(MAT3). There was a 25% off.

I was a little hesitant on putting up the pictures as I think they don’t do the colour of the lipstick any justice. In real life, it looks much more neon-y.

2013-09-12 13.14.18Β  2013-09-12 13.13.54

I’m so sad to say that I was a little disappointed by this one. The first thing I noticed was the pigmentation compared to the actual lipstick. The lipstick looks so bright and neon-y, but then the colour just does not transfer on to the lips enough. So in my desperation, I kept swirling it on and on a few times which helped only a little.

And after a while of wearing this, I found that it was really clinging on to my dry patches, although it’s something I have to expect from a matte lipstick??

I applied it again after the first time, and I was surprised that a pinky colour stayed on my lips although it’s not the same pink as the lipstick itself.

To be honest, I actually prefer Revlon’s lipsticks whether we are talking about the Colorburst lip butters(very moisturising) or Super Lustrous line(very opaque). I didn’t get to take pictures of the orange one yet, but expect to do that soon. Just thought I would quickly share this one with you.

Maria xoxo




    1. Yeah me too. I expect my mattes to be on the opaque side though. And I grab my shimmery ones when I want a more sheer glow. That’s why I’m disappointed with this one πŸ™‚

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