Strong and pretty nails

Nails is not my main thing but I do like keeping them nice and healthy. And no, I can’t have enough nail polishes!

My favourite base coat isΒ Mavala 002, and favourite top coat is the very famous Seche Vite.

One thing I have seriously been struggling with, is chipping nails. I hated not to be able to put nail polishes on, because of short, ugly, chipping nails. I’ve tried to keep them healthy and moisturised by using the Sally Hansen Diamond Cuticle Nail Creme twice a day, and the Mavala Scientifique nail hardener. They kind of worked, but it took ages to see a weak result.

But I have found my cure. I know it sounds weird, and many people claim that it doesn’t work, but it really does for me. I began taking Gelatin as supplement everyday. Gelatin is basically just the main ingredient in jelly! I was a little sceptical at first, but I thought it wouldn’t harm to try it out a few months as it’s just the same as eating jelly. And I could already see a result after two months. I ran out of the pills for a few months, and I tell you, I could tell the difference right away. The thing I have noticed, is that it is actually quite difficult to find – I still haven’t seen them in the stores. I have bought mine online on ebay, and the ones I take are called:

Mason gelatin

Mason nail strengthener with Gelatin, Plus calcium and magnesium, dietry supplement

So if you’re also suffering with weak nails, give it a try!



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