MAC Prep + Prime Lip

I’m so glad that Vee could use my advise and enjoying the MAC lip prep & prime!



I knew about MAC’s Prep + Prime collection, but I hadn’t really considered it. After my Rimmel Lipstick Lock post, the lovely nhieubeauty recommended this product to me thinking I may like to give this a try. If you read my Lipstick Lock post, you’ll know I wasn’t too impressed with how it altered the colour of my lipstick and turned my satin finish into a matte one.

I can’t see the point in spending money and hours trawling through all of the beautiful lip colours available to you, when you buy it, put it on, and it doesn’t last. I’m not a lip gloss wearer, I’m too old for sparkly lips now, so I’m talking lipsticks, lip liners and stains. I was disappointed with the Rimmel product, so on nhieubeauty’s recommendation I went along to MAC and bought it. The lovely lady that served me (my fave MAC assistant)…

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