Michael Todd order arrived

My skin has been hating me lately, and I’ve also been using random sample-sized products on my face. It’s breaking out, but dry at the same time. It was really oily a while ago, so I’ve been trying to keep the oil at bay, and now it’s dry. You might have read that I’ve tried to order Paula’s Choice products, but didn’t succeed. Read why here.

I then decided on the Michael Todd products. I just remembered it as being more expensive, so haven’t been thinking about this brand, but realised that it’s indeed not that bad at all. What I did was that I looked into one of their regimens with 6 products(for 85USD whereas the value is 180 if ordered separately). However, there’s a creme cleanser, and I don’t like this kind of cleanser. So I tweeted and asked for a solution, and was directed to e-mail their customer service. They got back to me saying that I could just choose the products I want, and pay for it all, and then I will get a refund. It all worked out so quickly and easy, and I can’t believe that the products are already here. The shipping is only 8USD!

Why I already love Michael Todd even though I haven’t tried the products yet:

Awesome customer service – quick response and highly flexible.

Quick – at transferring the refund and mailing it to me.

Cheap – both products and shipping. The retail value is 180, shipping 8. BUT I got the 6 full-sized products for 85 and further 20% off with a coupon code, one free sample-sized mask. In total I paid 76USD for all that including shipping.

Size – we are talking about full-sized products here.

Packaging – nice and sturdy.

Shipping – cheap worldwide shipping. Read their details here.

Organic – not 100%, but it states very clearly on their website how many % organic they are.

Good reputation – many youtube beauty gurus have raved and praised Michael Todd products.

These are the products I’ve got:

2013-09-26 16.10.54

Honey and oat cleanser (210ml)

Pumpkin mask, sample-size (30ml), free

Avocado and mango mask (100ml)

Blue green algae toner (250ml)

Concentrated C serum (30ml)

Intensive eye cream (15ml)

Citrus cream moisturizer (70ml)

I’m very excited to try out the products and will do a review on them once I’ve tried them out for a while.

Visit Michael Todd’s website here.

Have you tried thier products before? If not, will you want to? If yes, what do you think of them?

Maria xoxo



  1. How exciting!! Its great when you have new things to try, I hope that they regulate the dryness and oily areas for you!! I’ve never tried this brand before so ill be interested how you find them. I love the idea of a pumpkin mask. Xx

  2. I love Michael Todd so much! There’s a coupon code floating around for 20% off for a year. Their face masks are my favourite! Especially the pumpkin πŸ™‚

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