Weird beauty products 2

This is the second post on weird beauty products I find here in Hong Kong! I did one a while ago, click here to view. I’ll cut to the chase, so here they are:

On the 5th place: if you wanna tighten up your boobs and bum!


4th place: for the extremely bushy eyebrows – a tool you can use as a guideline when trimming them… hmm..


3rd place: I had to include this weird concept again – a nose clipper to achieve a thinner and taller nose…..


2nd place: suck your way to a smaller, poutier mouth 😉


1st place: how do they even sell this thing? I know many Asians are not fond of their mono lids, but this is physically impossible! You cannot wear a metal string poking into your eyeballs!!!


Well… I’m speechless haha…. hope you enjoyed this post.

Maria xoxo



    1. That’s actually very common in Asia. Everything from stickers to glue for the eyelids! I also think one of the most common plastic surgery is eyelids – to get rid of their monolids! I really don’t get it…….

      1. I read that it’s popular to make operation and lots of ask for it when they reach 18. There are a lot of beautiful asian actresses which has such lids and they don’t do anything with them. Hard to understand

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