Do your products contain MI?

Check through your cosmetics and skincare products for MI, short for a word I cannot pronounce – methylisothiazolinone. It’s a chemical that has increasingly been put into the products many of us use daily. What it does, is that it can cause an allergic reaction. Many have been experiencing severely swelled faces. MI is a chemical used to extend shelf life – nothing else. Brands such as Dove and L’Oreal have had(still have??) MI in their products. We really need to be careful, ladies! Go through your products and chuck them out if any of them contains MI!

Read the article from dailymail here.

I also found a list of most common products that contain MI. The experiment was carried out by Gentofte Hospital in Denmark, and more specifically by Doctor Maria Vølund Heisterberg in her Ph. d. with the title; “Fragrance allergy – Diagnosis, causes and quality of life” from October 2013. The percentages are out of all the products tested. The article is in Danish, so I’ll just list them in English here:

1. Deodorants (25 %)

2. Perfumed creams (24,4%)

3. Pure perfumes (16)

4. Shampoos (13 %)

5. Liquid soaps (10,8 %)

6. Aftershaves (2,7 %)

7. Lipsticks (1,9 %)

8. Sunscreens (under 1 %)

9. Hairstyling products (under 1 %)

10. Shaving foams (under 1 %)

11. Mascaras (under 1 procent %)

12. Hair dyes (under 1 %)

13. Eyeshadows (under 1 %)

14. Make up-creams (under 1 %)

The information was found on this page.

Please check through your stuff and be safe! 

Maria xoxo


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