MUA blush

I must say, that out of my MUA haul, the product I enjoy the most is the blush. I really regret I didn’t buy all the shades! See them on their page here.


Anyway, I have mine in shade 3 which is a really natural looking shade. There is a tiny bit of shimmer in it, but barely visible. It is perfectly pigmented and creamy, and goes on so nicely. For me, a blusher can actually be too pigmented – that’s those where it can easily go wrong. I have seriously not a single bad thing to say about this blush! Everyone is talking about the Sleek blushes. The Sleek blush in shade Suede 921 really looks like this one – I’m so choosing the MUA over the Sleek. Package-wise, the Sleek does look much better… But what more can you expect for 1Β£?

IMG_5581Β Β ???????????????????????????????

Swatch: MUA on the left, Sleek on the right.

I was wearing this blush when I was doing the review for the MUA wild berry lipstick. I know it’s not very noticible on the picture, but I’m generally very careful with blush.


I highly recommend the blushes from MUA, and will get them all next time I shop there!

Have you tried them? What are your thoughts on them?

Maria xoxo



      1. Yeah, but I like to actually see and swatch products live before I buy them (unless I tried them before)..
        I might keep that in mind, though!

  1. I received a matte peach shade in a swap and I love it! It’s super pigmented, I have to be very careful when applying (especially when I come from using a more sheer blush like ELF). For that reason, I think its completely worth the price.

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