Mario Badescu the life savers

With some serious breakout lately, I decided to finally get the Mario Badescu drying lotion and buffering lotion. The Drying lotion is the one with pink powder in the bottom for normal pimples. And the buffering lotion is for cystic pimples – those that hang around for ages, and you can’t squeeze them.


These bottles were not cheap, but definitely worth it. And I also realise that alcohol is one of the main ingredients in them both, but I just don’t care as they work on me.

Link to beautybay with a description of the drying lotion here.

Link to beautybay with a description of the buffering lotion here.

It’s a little “funny” with the drying lotion, and definitely not very sexy as you dot the powdery stuff on the pimples with a Q-tip and then sleep with it overnight. In the morning, when you’ve washed your face, the pimples should be reduced a lot. Here a shot of my sexy face:

Camera 360

I just wanted to share with you these finds. Of course, the ultimate scenario would be that I’m not breaking out at all from the first place, but as SOS-products, these are doing just fine!

Maria xoxo



      1. oh awesome. At the moment I’m using LUSH’s Grease lightning & it’s pretty good πŸ™‚

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