Month: December 2013

Purple with painted purple

I was very excited to get another of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. If you know me, I already own a few. They are on sale regularly, so I didn’t pay full price for it. This one is in 20 Painted Purple. I think that this works really well as a base, but wouldn’t use this alone by itself.

IMG_5898  IMG_5899

Here is the gel pot in action. I used this as base, so applied some other purple eyeshadows on top. Sorry for the bad lighting.

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Do you also own MAC’s paint pots? How are they compared?

I definitely think that a pop of a purple colour like this could go very well with any Christmas dinners.

Merry Christmas!

Maria xoxo


We should stop the fat talk

I came across an article on mashable. It was about an ad Special K has made, and the message is that we (women) should just stop to criticise ourselves! I just wanted to share this video with you girls because it made me rethink how I present and write about myself. Sometimes, you want to be humble – but it can be done in other ways than talking yourself down.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Maria xoxo

Michael Todd review

I have had the Michael Todd products for a while now, so now I feel like I can talk about them. I bought the whole set almost 3 months ago. Everything went perfect, and the Michael Todd customer service was just wonderful. You can read about my experience here. Now, in this post, I wanna do a review of the products themselves.

My skin has been really bad since I arrived Hong Kong. I think it’s the air and definitely the stress! Unfortunately, I must say that the Michael Todd products aren’t doing a whole lot for me.

A lineup of the products:

2013-09-26 16.10.54

First, we have the Honey and oat cleanser: maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t smell like honey nor oat, but more like the yellow gummy bear. I’m not a fan of the smell, but it has been working fine. It does the job; you can even use it for removing makeup. Although if you’re wearing foundation, I would recommend to double-cleanse. I clean my face with my Bioderma Sebium H2O first – then wash my face. So no complaints about this product, but I don’t feel a big difference either. I’m thinking of going back to my Ciracle face cleanser. It’s a Korean brand, and I used it when I broke out (more like acne) last year, and that one really helped me. I would use this one up first though. I hate wasting 🙂


The second tube was a free sample, and funny enough, it’s my favourite of the bunch. It’s the pumpkin mask. It seriously both smells and looks like pumpkin! It really tingles when you put it on as it’s a cleansing mask. My face feels so nice and clean after use. You only need to use this every 1-2 week.


When I got this set, my face was kind of dry, so I got the avocado and mango mask. But it started to get more on the oily side again, and haven’t really been using it. It is very creamy, and smells more like mango. Think this will be good for a harsh winter. And also, the size is definitely generous.


I didn’t take a picture of The Blue and algae toner as it’s just a clear liquid. I still can’t figure whether I like the smell or not. It smells a little like spa, but quite strong. I don’t think that this has done a lot for me, but I’ll just use it up.

Next is the concentrated C serum. I have been trying to use a few serums here and there. But actually, the only serum I have ever seen a difference on me is the Clinique Even better clinical dark spot corrector. But I stopped after one tube as I couldn’t afford it. And also the Biotherm Source Therapy 7 (sample size,  so couldn’t really judge it) just felt like heaven putting it on! Anyway, currently, I’m just using this one without a moisturiser. The texture is thicker, and smells like citrus. It’s ok, I’m actually not sure whether this is breaking me out.


The Intensive eye cream is also very average in my opinion. I like that it comes in a tube with pump, but the lid doesn’t hold on to the bottle. I’m also using this up, and will either continue my hunt or go back the best one I’ve tried so far which is the Clinique Even better eye cream.


The last one is the Citrus cream moisturiser. Actually I think this one breaks me out. Every time I give it a go, I get so many pimples or I just choose a bad time of the month to retry this the last few times. Maybe I’m just not good with the vitamin C products? A little goes a long long way. It’s a little sticky in texture. It takes a long time to sink into the skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for day time, maybe more as a night cream.


To sum up: I hate to say it. But Michael Todd just didn’t really do it for me. I might get the pumpkin mask though, and maybe even their Charcoal face wash as I’ve heard good things about that one. But for now, I still need to hunt for better products for my skin.

Maria xoxo

Exotic green

Exotic green… that’s what the gorgeous single eyeshadow from NYX is called. Loving this shade. Just wanted to show a few pictures of the look I achieved from playing a little with it. Note: I do realise that I’m oiling like crazy and that the lashes aren’t sticking very well, hence my negative review of the Ardell lash glue.

IMG_5854IMG_5855 ???????????????????????????????

PicsArt_1385271877426 PicsArt_1385271962230

Oh how much better I can look with a lower quali phone camera and filters haha!!

Other main products used:

– The lashes are from MUA, in Vixen.

– NYX blush in Cinnamon – it’s a really pretty burned orange which went so well with this look.

– NYX lipstick in Ceto.

Maria xoxo

Huge cherryculture haul and review

I did a huge cherryculture haul a while back, and I haven’t had the chance to post about it. Actually, it’s alright, because now I’ve had some time to test most of the products out. Let’s get to it:


First, we’ve got the NYX face products. I will have a more in depth review of them later. Just wanna mention that the medium is too dark for me, and I’m a NC42! So be careful out there if you’re ordering this online. As these are face products, I need to test them out more to come up with a conclusion.

IMG_5842 IMG_5846

These are the LA Colors Jumbo eye pencils. They look very pretty on the arm, but too harsh to apply on the eyelids. And they’re not blending very well. Thumbs down from here.

IMG_5852 IMG_5853

NYX Caribbean Collection in I Dream of St. Lucia. I wanted this for some fun. Although I haven’t had time to do any looks with this palette, I absolutely love it. They are creamy, and the colour payoff is great!

IMG_5863 IMG_5864

More NYX blushes for me!!! As you might know, I already own several NYX blushes. These are in Mauve (left) and Spice (right). Mauve doesn’t really show off that much on my skin colour, and Spice didn’t really surprise me. Just another pink.

IMG_5890  IMG_5865

Now, these are my first NYX single eyeshadows. Let me just say that they are not gonna be the last! I love love love them. I went a little crazy with the greens. The only brown I bought, I actually thought was matte(note to self: always read the description before pressing order). But this one has golden shimmers to it. Regardless, they are so buttery and pigmented, and I was just so surprised by the quality considering the low price. I use the brown all the time now. Just that one colour on the whole lid for an everyday look, or a subtle green under the eyes to make your look pop! Below, the colours on the arm are: Wildfire, Exotic Green, Ocean and Gypsy. I will be posting a look soon where I’m wearing Exotic Green.

IMG_5866  IMG_5867

Everyone was talking about these, so I HAD to see what the all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, my lips have been extremely dry lately, so I’m not really doing them any justice when I tried them on. I must say that they are very pigmented, and actually look a little too much. What I like to do with these is simply pat my pout with a tissue after application, and then these just look faaab!!! From left to right: soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa, Xtreme lip creme in Dolly Girl and Pinky Nude.


Now, I must admit, I didn’t have a cream blush prior to this. I wanted to try and see if I like it. This colour, Glow is really cute. But I still need to work with the texture as I’m not use to it yet.


I also wanted a decent setting powder, so I got this Mehron Loose mineral finishing powder. I’m still not good with fumbling around with loose powder. And this one is (believe it or not) quite yellow on my skin. And I thought I was yellow! This one is in medium/medium dark. The texture feels very good, but I find it a little hard to distribute evenly on the face. But that’s more my lack of skill. I also panic a little with all that powder flying around in the air.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive eye primer, this is the thing! This Milani eyeshadow primer both feels and looks a lot like the Urban Decay primer potion, and does the job surprisingly well.


The Milani lipsticks are supposed to be really good, and the one I’ve got in Red Label really is. But somehow, this one on Fruit Punch does not glide as beautifully on the lips. It also looks a little “cracked” when applied. Smells wonderful though… fruity chewing gum.

IMG_5878  IMG_5879

This NYX lipstick must be the least as I expected. The colour Ceto is a very shimmery, pale, golden colour. And this really is not really my shade. Maybe if I try to do a kind of Arabic inspired look with a pretty green eyeshadow, this might match the look. Ignore the swatch on the right (it’s the Milani one)


The pencils!!! First, the NYX Jumbo pencil in milk which I have been wanting for AGES! It’s as I expected. Using it as a base just gives the most amazing colour payoff of any eheshadow colour. And then I got one more LA girl glide pencil, this one in black. Love it. Glides on very easily and has a decent staying power. And then we have the NYX wonder pencil in Light. The thought was to use this to line my waterline. But what was I thinking? My eyes water like a waterfall anyway. So it disappears in no time on me. And then I got the NYX eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown. Sadly, this has a very reddish undertone which I don’t like.


The Ardell lash glue: I thought that it must be good because Ardell makes false lashes right? Either, I don’t know how to use it, or it’s just bad. It just doesn’t stick around 🙂

Okay, this was a big one. Hope you’ve found at least some of it useful.

Have you tried any of the products before or any of it you wanna try out?

Maria xoxo