New Year, New Hair

Finally, I’ve got what I have been wanting for soooo long! Permanent curls!

Camera 360

Before my Babyliss Pro straightener died on me, I was not too fussed about getting a perm as it really did a great job. It took me no time to curl my thin hair. But now, I’ve got an HSI Straightener. It CAN make curls, but takes me too long, so I’m not really bothered anymore.

I’m very excited about this new hair as it kind of symbolises a new start for me. 2013 has not been the smoothest one, and I can already feel the positive energy from 2014. Also another reason I got it is because I’m going back to Europe where it’s ridiculously expensive to get perms. So I decided to get it before I regret once I’m back πŸ™‚

Maria xoxo



    1. Oh no! 😦 But yes, I thought I wanted to do the perm in HK, and the Asians surely know how to treat Asian hair! Even in expensive salons here in DK, it seems like they don’t really know how to handle my thin Asian hair. So I usually go to my Vietnamese hairdresser – he’s not only good, but also cheap πŸ˜€

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