Nature Republic CC Cream

A short review of this Nature Republic CC Cream. First of all, this tube does not belong to me. I just had a chance to try it quickly on my hand. I was so impressed that I wanted to make a post about it. It’s a Korean brand, and they sure know how to make beauty products!

What hit me was that it claimed to be whitening. I know that this feature is not the most desirable in the Western part of the world but it’s indeed huge here in Asia. I just want to say that this one works! It didn’t give me a really obvious white layer of colour, but simply made the skin look less dark the most natural way. I was so impressed! And the texture is very light, and smelled nice. I’m wearing it on the one hand, and look at the instant brightening effect!

2013-10-09 13.48.15 2013-10-09 13.48.44

I just thought I wanted to mention this although I wouldn’t use a whitening product. Thumbs up!

Maria xoxo

P.S: my colleague that owns this cream has mentioned that she has got better skin after wearing this every day for a while.



  1. I think brightening is really picking up in the rest of Europe, at least here in the med where we have a high uv index the majority of women do suffer from pigmentation…

    Although I know that the EU and the States have very strict labelling laws as “whitening” contain bleach so most are banned an instead they sell products to “even skin tone / brightening” which are much gentler and work by prohibiting melanin production and on exfoliation πŸ™‚ so they are much safer than before, not sure how the cosmetics are in Asia…

    I haven’t tried out the CC’s and im still not sold on the BB’s lol

    Steph x

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’m actually not completely sold on the BB and CC stuff either. For me, it’s just another foundation with a different texture, coverage etc. REAL Korean BB creams are supposed to have some healing ingredients in them and were mostly used by women after (all their) cosmetic surgeries. But I think the term has gone viral and companies just start to make the so-called BB-creams that is not the same thing as the original BB-creams from Korea! I think people have become too obsessed with these terms! Lately, I have been wanting a light coverage, so I have been mixing my Olay Total Effects moisturiser with MUFE Full cover concealer. It’s works really well!

    1. Cool. I hope you can get hold of it. I live in Hong Kong now, and my colleague had her friend buy it for her in Korea. I’m really not sure how widely available this product is…

  2. Most of the Asian brands I’ve tried really work on the “whitening” part. I actually enjoy that, I wish I could use it all over πŸ˜€

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