Nature Republic CC Cream

A short review of this Nature Republic CC Cream. First of all, this tube does not belong to me. I just had a chance to try it quickly on my hand. I was so impressed that I wanted to make a post about it. It’s a Korean brand, and they sure know how to make beauty products!

What hit me was that it claimed to be whitening. I know that this feature is not the most desirable in the Western part of the world but it’s indeed huge here in Asia. I just want to say that this one works! It didn’t give me a really obvious white layer of colour, but simply made the skin look less dark the most natural way. I was so impressed! And the texture is very light, and smelled nice. I’m wearing it on the one hand, and look at the instant brightening effect!

2013-10-09 13.48.15 2013-10-09 13.48.44

I just thought I wanted to mention this although I wouldn’t use a whitening product. Thumbs up!

Maria xoxo

P.S: my colleague that owns this cream has mentioned that she has got better skin after wearing this every day for a while.



  1. I think brightening is really picking up in the rest of Europe, at least here in the med where we have a high uv index the majority of women do suffer from pigmentation…

    Although I know that the EU and the States have very strict labelling laws as “whitening” contain bleach so most are banned an instead they sell products to “even skin tone / brightening” which are much gentler and work by prohibiting melanin production and on exfoliation 🙂 so they are much safer than before, not sure how the cosmetics are in Asia…

    I haven’t tried out the CC’s and im still not sold on the BB’s lol

    Steph x

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’m actually not completely sold on the BB and CC stuff either. For me, it’s just another foundation with a different texture, coverage etc. REAL Korean BB creams are supposed to have some healing ingredients in them and were mostly used by women after (all their) cosmetic surgeries. But I think the term has gone viral and companies just start to make the so-called BB-creams that is not the same thing as the original BB-creams from Korea! I think people have become too obsessed with these terms! Lately, I have been wanting a light coverage, so I have been mixing my Olay Total Effects moisturiser with MUFE Full cover concealer. It’s works really well!

    1. Cool. I hope you can get hold of it. I live in Hong Kong now, and my colleague had her friend buy it for her in Korea. I’m really not sure how widely available this product is…

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