Parting is always heartbreaking

I haven’t been blogging for a long while as I have been busy finishing my internship in Hong Kong and getting ready to come back to Denmark.

Makeup wise… Of course, one of the hardest parts was to decide what makeup products to throw out, what to send home and what to take with me. Initially, I wanted to bring everything home, but it ended up in a very awkward moment at the airport. I had to go through one after the other eyeliner, lipsticks, blushes…… It was heart breaking for me to put everything “I don’t need” in a bag, and have it sent to me instead of bringing my babies home myself. Regardless, I did it because I refused to pay the overweight fee.

What I’ve already parted when packing from home.

Life wise… Living in Hong Kong for almost 2 years has made me more attached to the city than I thought I would. I have had a really weird feeling the last week – leaving something that has become so familiar – for the so-called home that suddenly seems to strange to me. I didn’t know what to feel when the plane landed, and I saw a white layer of snow over the landscape. Kind of excited to be home, but also at the same time already bored by the grey landscape I have been growing up in. Lately, I have been panicking because I’m not sure where I belong anymore. It seems like there is not really a place that screams home. Asia stands for excitement and Europe stands for settling down. Not that I can’t have excitement in Europe, but the Hong Kong memories are still very fresh in my mind, and Amsterdam will not be before a few weeks. I do look very much forward to that though: new place, new language, new people and one familiar face. I hope that everything works out, and I can start settling down there.

Me re-packing at the airport. So pathetic…

The decisions have to be made… I knew I had overweight with all my makeup, but couldn’t get myself to do it until the lady at the counter told me I had 9 kilos too much, and I had to sit down on the airport floor and pick the products out one by one. For me, leaving Hong Kong is the same feeling – it’s something I think I really want, but is merely a place I can do without. Sometimes, it just hurts to part and let go of something you’re starting to be attached to. But I think it really is healthy to take the plunge once in a while in order to just move on.

I only know my next destination… I was having a chat with my niece yesterday. She has to leave primary school soon and is still deciding which (high) school to choose next. She said it’s because she doesn’t have a certain job or job role to aim for. But then I told her – actually only very few know. I will be graduating my master’s soon – even I don’t know! Regardless, I feel like I have had some very meaningful years at uni because I’ve kept setting short-term goals which have included many stays abroad. I really didn’t know where I was going – I still don’t. But not knowing exactly where to go is actually the exciting part isn’t it?

So my next goals (also a part of my new year resolution) are; Graduation, Amsterdam, a job in IT, take the supplementary IT course – ITIL, learn Dutch. Everything might not work out as I hope. I might end up hating Amsterdam. But I won’t know unless I throw myself out there and try right?

What is your next adventure?

Maria xoxo

And Happy Chinese New Year!



  1. Give it a chance! My boyfriend and I knew that we didn’t really like Texas when moving but it’s kind of grown on us. Especially when we take trips, I always look forward to coming home to my cats, friends and familiar surroundings. At the very least, it’s another interesting adventure during my lifetime. You never know, maybe when you return, you’ll have the mindset to discover something new that you hadn’t seen or been interested in before 🙂

    I hated seeing some of those products in your ship bag, especially the missha bb cream, the falsies & colossal. Haha. At least you didn’t just throw them out!

    1. Haha actually that’s what I have thrown out! That’s not the ship bag! I thew the Missha out because mine has a really weird greyish tone. And the mascaras because they’re dry 🙂

  2. I can only imagine how heart breaking it was leaving behind friends and a city of memories! Good luck on the next step, Amsterdam is such an awesome city I thought about moving there before and everyone we met speaks perfect english. Steph x

  3. You get me thinking about ever visiting HK, although it would be so far from my home 🙂 And your niece shouldn’t worry, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking that, wait, no, this is not what I want to do with my life. I hate having to make decisions 0_o

    1. Yes, defo give HK a visit of you can. A very unique city! I’m sure we will make it. At least, we have this blog thing where we can share our passion. For me, it really keeps me up when the everyday life can be a little dull 🙂

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