A few quick tips for eye makeup

I know many of my readers are already makeup savvys, but thought that someone else could use these tips. Many people have actually asked me how I get my eye looks, so I wanted to share my take on it…


  1. Use an eye makeup primer. It can give you much better colour payoff and longer staying power. My favourites are the primers from Urban Decay and Milani.
  2. Tap off excess product before applying to prevent fallout. Put on a little at a time for good coverage. Dabbing a lot on your brush doesn’t mean that everything’s gonna transfer the same way on the eyes.
  3. Don’t pull…. I know it’s tempting when applying eyeliners. But it’s not good for the skin. Pulling the eyelids every day when putting on the eyeliner could result in fine lines.
  4. The power of the fingers! I think that too often, we forget how good our fingers make as tools. Especially for applying cream products including undereye concealer (warm it up with your fingers before applying).
  5. Patience is gold: blending. It sounds simple, but a well-blended eyelook can take time and patience. Just blend, blend, blend. My favourite blending brushes are an old blending brush from Sephora, E25 from Sigma, and I’ve also heard a lot about the MAC 217. I have the special edition which doesn’t really cut the edge for me.
  6. Highlighting and open up your eyes: If you want a natural look, use a matte (or very light shimmery) white/light colour over/under the arch of the eyebrows. You can also use it on the inner corners of the eyes. And a soft white/beige/pink coloured-pencil on the lower waterline. Also remember how much curling the lashes can do. My all time favourite is my Shiseido eyelash curler. Heat it up with a hair dryer for 10-20 seconds, and check the temperature before curling your lashes.

Hope this has helped for some of you out there although these must be obvious for some others 😉

Maria xoxo



  1. I started using an eye make up primer a couple of years ago and it LITERALLY changed my life! (I have oily skin so my eyeshadow would crease before lunch time!)
    Great post!

    1. Yes, it really makes a difference! And it really doesn’t have to be expensive like the UD one. And coloured bases are also good for example the Maybelline color tattoo pots. As I like brown colours, I use Back to the Bronze a lot as base…

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