Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour and Visible Difference

I am a sucker for trying out mainstream products. Because they are so hyped, I want to test them out myself and either confirm or dismiss the claims.

A few months ago, my lips started to become very dry – not just normal dry lips, but it was flaking, swelling, and tightening around my whole mouth – to a state where I felt so helpless and gross. I have never experienced anything alike in my life! So my lipsticks were definitely kept in the drawer for a long while. I tried out different lip balms; at first some minty ones such as Burt’s Bees and EOS (the light blue minty one) as I felt they were the only ones that could give me an instant relief before needing them again after a few minutes. Later – I figured that it was stress that caused the condition of my lips and the area around!

I was desperately in search for lip balms, and also tried the much hyped Nivea one. Don’t misunderstand me – all the mentioned products are great! I just found myself ending up with the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This product is one of the most hyped, and I finally took the plunge. It was not overly expensive. I think I paid around 20USD for it on sale. In the beginning, I was not overwhelmed by it. But with time, and as I got less stressed, I found myself going back to this one.

People talk about lip balms as in: Oh, this lip balm is so good, I use it all the time/I use it up in no time. NO – that makes it a bad lip balm!!!

A good one will last very long between each application. When people say that they can’t live without their eight hour cream, I usually think what’s the big deal about this thing? Now, I kind of get it – I can live without it, but as long as I have access to it, I will not leave it behind me. With this Eight Hour cream, I found myself only using it a few times a day. And I wake up in the morning with the most plump and moist lips. Yes, the smell is not the most pleasant as it’s famous for. But this one is definitely a keeper and a repurchase for me although one tube will probably last me a long long while. It’s also a multi-purpose cream/oil that can be used for any other dry areas. I like using this on my cuticles.

So this was my review of the Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream. I give the hype a big confirm!

Visible Difference Moisturiser:

This thing is a life saver in winter times. I bumped into this product randomly because it was on sale. I always struggle with skincare products. Somehow, I want to stick to fixed products I know are good, but at the same time – how can I know they are the best if I don’t try out others? But I am reaching a state where I’m settling down now (before the big hunt for anti-aging products in a few years). I also like it because of the affordable price. The smell is something I had to get used to. It smells like a very clean and really nice smelling public toilet.  I know it sounds weird. But it really does not smell bad – but just gives me this weird association. I don’t care – this thing has saved me last winter, and this is what I stick to!

Do you have a skincare product you swear by?

Maria xoxo



  1. I haven’t tried that 8 hr cream yet, I do have a HG lip balm though – Dr. Hauschka’s lip care stick, its my #1 favorite from when Sephora used to stock the Dr. Hauschka line. I usually find it at Whole Foods or online now. Did you ever try the ever popular, rose salve? I’ve been caught up in using Honest Co’s healing balm since it seems to be more natural than other big brands, although I think most people use that as a diaper rash remedy. Funny how some products are so versatile!

    1. No, I haven’t tried those products you have mentioned. I don’t really feel a need to find something better (or just any more lip balms) now actually. I think I’m settled for lip balm haha :p

  2. I tried the 8 hr cream due to the hype too, but I’ve tried better. Lanolips is even better & more moisturising! 🙂

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