Amsterdam update and makeup-babbling

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Finally, I have more or less settled down in Amsterdam now.  I handed in my thesis in Denmark back in February, and came to Amsterdam (actually Almere which is a city nearby). I haven’t had time to either play with makeup or post regularly, though I did find some time to buy a little along the way (ooops…).

First…. Makeup-talk

To be honest, I am a little disappointed in the selection of makeup here considering that Amsterdam is a big European city. I have found a drugstore called Kruidvat and another one called etos. They offer the basic brands with a basic selection, but nothing that takes my breath away. If anyone out there knows more places, please let me know. I was hoping to find a Sephora, but unfortunately, it was closed some time ago.

I have been going a little foundation cray cray lately. Have bought a few as I’ve found them on sale. I have been wanting to try out the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for the longest time. I don’t know why either Hong Kong nor Denmark stock it. And I’ve also wanted to repurchase the L’Oreal True Match foundation – which I used years ago. And I also got the Garnier BB Cream. I will do a review of them later after I have tried them out for a while.

I look forward to explore more, but my general impression is that the selection here could be better.

And also, I met up with the sweetest Steph of She saw on my blog that I was coming to Amsterdam, and she was here on vacation, so we decided to meet up. It was my first time meeting up with other beauty bloggers. We just met up and had a drink, and I had a really good time.

Non makeup-talk 

So much has happened, so I’ll try to make it short

  • after 10 months in Hong Kong, I went back to Denmark end of January;
  • struggled until 5th February to hand in my thesis;
  • had a wonderful week playing tourists in Denmark with my boyfriend;
  • came to The Netherlands for the first time of my life;
  • trying to settle down and looking for a job here;
  • went back to Denmark again for one week as my mom had to undergo an operation;
  • and for now – I am very grateful that I have got some responses from some of the companies for which I have sent my application to.

I am very excited to share my journey with those of you who have been following me. What keeps me busy these days is intense job search, and I’m also self-studying for a certification called ITIL which is an IT Service Management certification.

I have so so much I want to share on my blog, but there have been things that are just taking up all my time. Hope you guys will stick around for more product reviews.

The sun has been peeking out both in Denmark and The Netherlands, and I am enjoying it to the fullest! Hope it will start getting warmer!

Maria xoxo



  1. If you ever need anything sent to you, let me know 🙂 As a blogger, I would go crazy if I couldn’t find the products I wanted and heard so much about!

    1. Haha… thanks. I might ask for a favour some time then… As a beauty blogger, it’s just so annoying not living in the States because you guys have everything, and the price is so low! 😀

  2. Was great meeting you aswell! we shall def have another catch up next visit… de bijenkorf have the main prestige counters chanel, mac, clinique, clarins lauder etc… I never saw anywhere for drugstore makeup but im sure you will find, you just need to explore a bit more.. xx

    1. Yea… who know… maybe I’ll pop by Malta one day 😉 I tend to stray away from those expensive counters… I mean.. it’s okay to “accidentally” buy a few products here and there in drugstores. This addict here would be ruined at those expensive counters haha….

  3. Hey Mar, nice to hear from you! Oh, you meet up with Steph, that’s so amazing, wish I was there! I hope your mom is ok and you are having an easy time settling down in Amsterdam, don’t worry, you can shop online for cosmetics 😀 take care of everything and come back soon with updates! Also good luck with the new job(s), hope you find the perfect one for you ❤

    1. Hey Maria… thank you so much. Everything is going well. Can’t wait to get a more routinised everyday so that I can plans things better 🙂 You are welcome to visit in Amsterdam! It’s an amazing city! 😉

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