Urban Decay Black Market

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set in Black Market. 6 gorgeous discreet shades . 0.8 g, meaning that they are travel size.


What can I say. I wish I could say that I just absolutely love them. They glide on smoothly, but they smudge off during the day on me. They are also not as pigmented as I wish they were. When using these, I have to repeat application a few times to get an ok coverage so they are easily used up.

I do like the shades in this set, though.

  • West: The brown in the set. A deep chocolate brown with a discreet shimmery finish to it. The most pigmented of the bunch.
  • Desperation: A matte taupe. The only matte in the set. Not very pigmented.
  • Black market: The black shade in the set. It’s not an intense black, but more on the grey side.
  • Riot: I would describe this colour as aubergine/eggplants. There are tiny purple shimmers in it. Very pretty shade.
  • Apathy: Beautiful moldy green/army green satin-y shade.
  • Ink: A royal blue with a satin finish.

For the staying power, I am not very impressed at all. They smudge off on me even though I am wearing them with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. The following pictures are me wearing Apathy as the only thing on my lid on top of the Primer Potion. That was about an hour after application, and I was staying at home all that time. No filter, retouch or photoshop of the below pictures. As you can see, the liner has literally migrated downwards!

UD liner

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils have received remarkable reviews – which was why I got them. After having tried them, I personally do not think that these liners are that great.

There you have it. My honest opinion about these liners.

Maria xoxo



  1. Such a shame that they smudge, maybe you can try adding a thin layer of eyeshadow in the same colour to set it in place? I still haven’t used my Urban Decay liners yet as I adore the Laura Mercier gel liner I bought I need to get around to trying them. Steph x

    1. Hey Steph. I actually did exactly that as I was heading out the door. I cleaned up under my eyes and added the green shade from my Vice2 palette. It stayed fine on my right eye, but could not keep up with my left 🙂

      1. Are you planning to buy the same one, or try another one? I’ve heard good things about ELF and Benefit (though the latter is horrendously expensive). My MAC one works okay, but it’s not brilliant though that could just be our climate.

      2. I went on elf’s page and put a load of stuff in the basket to find out that they don’t ship to the Netherlands. Besides, the translucent powder was out of stock!!! I am not very good at playing around with loose powders anyway. Might try to set these liners with different things to see how it works out. Right now, my living situation is not that good. Me and my boyfriend is crammed in his room, so all my makeup is stored in makeup bags. And the other half of my makeup is still in Hong Kong to be sent to me. I’m very frustrated. I want to get our place soon, so that I can get Alex from IKEA, and have all my makeup stored properly ❤

      3. Oh dear. I guess the last thing you need right now is more makeup. Please take care, hope the process to getting your own place goes smoothly.

    1. I will try them out further without different bases and setting products. Hope that I can find a method to get them to stay. But using them alone wi defo smudge 🙂

  2. None of the UD liners stay on me, they all smudge like they did in your pic. Sad because they have such great colors 😦

  3. I’ve never been able to find an eyeliner that truly stands up to my oily eyelids, but these ones are pretty good, but you’re right they aren’t as amazing as everyone makes them out to be

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