Raising money for breast cancer #nomakeupselfie

I browsed by Steph’s blog with a post on raising money for breast cancer with a selfie tagged #nomakeupselfie. I thought it was a fun way to spread the word for supporting breast cancer funds. I have been donating to the breast cancer fund for years, and have been participating their events also. So I thought that I might as well do this fun tag and post a picture of me and my bare face.

2014-03-24 08.34.25

I have shortly googled the #nomakeupselfie trend that suddenly got viral. More specifically, I read an article by ctvnews here. The trend started when the author Laura Lippman tweeted a picture of herself with no makeup and tagged it #nomakeupselfie. This was an act to support the 81-year old Novak that was criticised for her appearance during the Oscars Academy Awards.

The author pointed out that this trend had been criticised because the campaign was comparing no-makeup with cancer. The #nomakeupselfie thing has also been linked to a brave act – which I am a little sceptical about (is posting a picture of yourself, yes, even without makeup, supposed to be brave?). A third point of view was seeing it as an act to expose one’s vulnerability – “the same way that we’re all vulnerable to cancer”. You can read all the sources on their page.

As I am from Denmark, I have been donating toย http://stoetbrysterne.dk/

Have you donated yet?

Maria xoxo



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