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When to chuck out your mascaras

Time flies by. I haven’t been blogging for months. An update post will hopefully be coming up soon! I have been burning up with topics and products I want to share with you but simply haven’t had the time.

Today, we are going to talk about mascaras. I have never believed in buying expensive mascaras, as I find the cheap ones are working just fine. I especially love Maybelline’s mascaras. My favourite is The Falsies, and I have been using The Rocket Volum Express every day lately. I mean, they have been lasting me for a long while – too long maybe. I keep using them, thinking that they will dry out soon, but nope, they are still good to use – or are they?

The rule of thumb with mascaras is: You have to chuck them out after 3 months! I don’t remember where I read it, but after 3 months, small crawlies will begin to grow, and it’s really not nice to put that not-so-clean mascara wand so close to your eyes. That’s also why it’s not a good idea to have too many mascaras in use at the same time.

I just opened my Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum Express. It looks really natural, but still gives my lashes some volume. I get a kind of flaring effect opposed to the more clumpy Rocket – though I really get some serious volume with it. I’m not too sure about the staying power of Hyper Curl yet (I use the waterproof one). I might do a review of it later.

It’s heartbreaking, but I’m letting go. Goodbye, my beloved Falsies, Rocket, and Urban Decay Cannonball…

How long do you hold on to your mascaras?

Maria xoxo


Beauty So Clean – sanitiser for makeup

Hello everyone. So as I mentioned in my last posts, things have been crazy for me lately. I would probably do shorter posts, and mostly reviews of products I enjoy these days where I don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

Beauty So Clean

One product that I have been enjoying for a while now is my Beauty So Clean. It is a cosmetic sanitiser mist, and can be sprayed on pressed powders, eyeshadows, cream foundations etc. What is does, is that it “effectively cleans, rejuvenates and removes bacteria“. This thing is really a makeup(life saver) for those of us that have more makeup than the average, because we can prolong the life of our makeup. The typical example is the pressed powder and eyeshadows that get the ugly, hard layer on the top, and then the makeup gets kind of useless. I spray all my makeup once in a while, and more often on those products I use daily.

I have the big one with 250 ml. On the official page, it costs 25USD. For what it can do, I actually think the price is acceptable. A huge downside is that they don’t ship internationally, but only to the US, Canada and the UK. I don’t remember what web page I ordered mine, but I definitely also paid quite a lot extra for the shipping. It would be great if their products will become more widely available.

However, I really recommend this product!

You can view their products on the page here.

Have you heard about it, using it, or want to get it? Please feel free to leave a comment.

Maria xoxo