I love wathing youtube videoes, and there are some of the makeup experts I really enjoy watching!

– gossmakeupartist with Wayne Goss: and his second channel:

I really enjoy watching Wayne talking about makeup tips and techniques. I have learned so much from him!

– frmheadtotoe with Jen:

Jen is just so beautiful and vibrant! Always love watching her videos!

Beauty Broadcast with Emily Eddington:

I love watching Emily for review videos. What I love about her videos is that passion that just shines through. There are many of the top-something videos. Very informative and useful.

– xteener with Christine:

I have been following Christine’s channel for years now. She talks about everything from makeup to hauls.

– itsjudytime with Judy: and her second channel where she does vlog every day(and yes, I watch them all): Judy also just started her third channel talking about mommy stuff:

Unique to Judy’s channel is her product reviews where she tries them on and shows the staying power during the day. The product reviews have really been helpful for me as she does many drugstore products too.

– pixi2woo with Tanya Burr:

Tanya’s smile is just irresistible. She talks about anything beauty-related, so I really get inspired by Tanya.

– dope2111 with Promise Phan:

Promise so SO talented, and I’m blown away every time she does a look. I’m just amazed by how she can transform a face into anyone!

Klairedelys with Klaire de Lys: and her second channel with a lot of DIYs:

Hands down one of the greatest artist(not just makeup). I love her creations and her passion. She is so creative and down to earth. Love to see her do the crazy transformations.

– dailyMixTv with a team of British makeup artists and stylists:

Get inspired with the differet kinds of videos of this channel, everything from makeup to fashion


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