Review of Maybelline Master Graphic

On to my eyeliner number two of the three liners I purchased: Maybelline Master Graphic:

“Liquid marker eyeliner for a bold graphic look”

 maybelline master graphic pen

Application: I bought this liquid liner because of the unique marker pen-like tip. The tip is hard enough to make it easy to apply a line which also makes it more difficult to make a wing. When I was finished, it looked quite ok.

maybelline maste graphic look open IMmaybelline master graphic after closed

Pigmentation: When it comes to pigmentation, unfortunately, this thing is a disappointment for me. I had to go over this line several times to build up a solid line:


maybelline master graphic swatch

Longevity: It doesn’t claim to be waterproof or anything, and my eyes do water a lot. By the end of the day, my liners were gone 😦 At least, it didn’t smear or smudge. It just kind of disappeared. This might be good enough for those of you that can “keep a liner” on the eyes. This is me by the end of the day:

maybelline master graphic after

Removing the liner: As I didn’t have much left on my lids, I barely removed any of it. But I can imagine that it is very easy to remove.

Final verdict: Definitely not a liner that can last on my lids, and the pigmentation is just not good enough. I wouldn’t repurchase it. However, if you’re a beginner, this might actually be a good liquid liner to start off with even it looks a bit chunky and scary.

See my previous post on Maybelline Maybelline Master Ink Matte here.

The next liner I will review will be Maybelline Master Duo.

Until next time!

Maria xoxo


Review of Maybelline master ink matte

When the abstinence calls, it’s hard to hold back. I picked up a few Maybelline eye products as they were all 40% off. One of them was Maybelline master ink matte in 10 charcoal black as I thought it would be interesting to try out a matte liner.

Maybelline master ink matte product

Luckily I tried this at home. Because Anthony asked me out of the blue whether I have cried, and I was like “what?” and then I looked in the mirror and was shocked. My eyes didn’t really water since I put it on and it’s only a few hours at home.


Maybelline master ink matte look

To make it short: If your lids are just a little watery or oily, don’t risk getting this. The application was like a dream. It was easy to put on and I got beautiful lines with this product. It is not a waterproof eyeliner, but it still says “intense longwear eyeliner” on the bottle which I don’t think lives up to the claim.

Maybelline master ink matte swatch

Maria xoxo

Black smokey eye

Lately, I have been struggling with getting back to a normal day rythm. On top of that, I’m trying to get some study done, plus looking for a job. Feel like I have too much going on. I just missed playing around with makeup. For me, it’s like therapy. So I allowed myself to play today!

I suddenly felt like doing a black smokey eye look, so that’s what I did 😀

Camera 360  Camera 360

I started off with a bare face, and primed the eyes with Urban Decay primer potion:

2013-08-17 16.34.16-1

I used the NYX Nude on Nude palette:


And then I applied a lighter black eyeshadow, including on the lower lash line. Don’t worry about being neat. The one eye applied, and the other one blended out:

2013-08-17 16.40.00-1

And then apply a more intense black focusing on the lids. I used Sleek, Storm palette:

2013-08-17 16.47.51-1

I drew my brows before cleaning up all the mess, as it’s easier with the brows defined:

2013-08-17 17.20.23-1

And then I used a golden shimmery colour to highlight the inner corners, lined all around my eyes with Revlon Colorstay pencil liner, curled and applied mascara with Urban Decay Canonball.

I did spend a lot of time going back and forth cleaning and blending the eyeshaow.

2013-08-17 17.33.18-1

For the rest of the face, I tried to keep it neutral and simple: Foundation is Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+, and concealer is MAC moisturecover in NC35, powdered the face with MAC Studio Fix in NC42, blush is ELF tickled pink, lips is KATE Kanebo in BE-2.

I don’t do many heavy, dark looks, so I’m still experimenting with it. It’s also because I’m not used to see myself with this kind of look. What do you think? Is it too much even for a night out?

Maria xoxo