When to chuck out your mascaras

Time flies by. I haven’t been blogging for months. An update post will hopefully be coming up soon! I have been burning up with topics and products I want to share with you but simply haven’t had the time.

Today, we are going to talk about mascaras. I have never believed in buying expensive mascaras, as I find the cheap ones are working just fine. I especially love Maybelline’s mascaras. My favourite is The Falsies, and I have been using The Rocket Volum Express every day lately. I mean, they have been lasting me for a long while – too long maybe. I keep using them, thinking that they will dry out soon, but nope, they are still good to use – or are they?

The rule of thumb with mascaras is: You have to chuck them out after 3 months! I don’t remember where I read it, but after 3 months, small crawlies will begin to grow, and it’s really not nice to put that not-so-clean mascara wand so close to your eyes. That’s also why it’s not a good idea to have too many mascaras in use at the same time.

I just opened my Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum Express. It looks really natural, but still gives my lashes some volume. I get a kind of flaring effect opposed to the more clumpy Rocket – though I really get some serious volume with it. I’m not too sure about the staying power of Hyper Curl yet (I use the waterproof one). I might do a review of it later.

It’s heartbreaking, but I’m letting go. Goodbye, my beloved Falsies, Rocket, and Urban Decay Cannonball…

How long do you hold on to your mascaras?

Maria xoxo


What do you think of the ad by Benefit?

I was browsing through my social media news, and came across this article by Mashable.

It’s the new ad from Benefit for their They’re Real mascara. I like that they have taken on this more humorous approach, and we can’t deny the fact that those men in the ad are hot! What not to like 😉


What do you think? Funny, or are they going too far?

Maria xoxo

Urban Decay Canonball ultra waterproof mascara

I finally got my hands on this mascara. As I’m a big fan of Jen(frmheadtotoe), and she is always using the Urban Decay Canonball mascara, I really wanted to try it. With my Asian sparse and short lashes, I need a mascara that gives me both volume and length, plus it has to be waterproof because my eyes leak a lot – and to hold my curls.

IMG_5390  2013-08-07 15.26.55


The mascara gives me the volume and length I want after 2 coats, but it does clump a little bit. The wand is round and goes thinner at the tip. It is definitely waterproof, and  relatively easy to remove. I still think that my Maybelline Falsies tops this one.


Overall, I like it, and this will take over my Falsies when it dries out. I don’t know why, but the Falsies waterproof here in Hong Kong is just not exactly the same as the one I get back in Denmark. The Packaging and wand is the same, but the writing is in black(and not blue), and I feel that it’s not giving me the same kind of effect.

Have you tried this mascara? Or a mascara that is better than the Falsies?

Maria xoxo

My “oh no I’m gonna be late” makeup application

You know what it’s like. You’re sleeping like a princess and suddenly the stupid alarm goes on, and you end up rushing out of the door. That’s seriously one thing of the day I really hate! I like to hit snooze like 10 times, and sometimes just accidentally turn it off. And then I wake up, panicking, and look at the time. Only 15 minutes to get ready. Shit. Gotta hurry. Pop my contact lenses in. Brush my teeth. Wash. Do I have time to put on makeup?
Depending on how much time I have, I estimate which of the products to use. Following is a priority list of which products I will use. So the points in the list includes all the above, and is not in chronological order.

1: If I only have time for one makeup product, it’s definitely my brow pencil. My brows are so scaringly sparse!

my eyebrows look at the difference!

The two eyebrow pencils I like using lately:

The one above is YSL Dessin Des Sourcils. in no. 5. And Lioele Auto eyebrow in no. 2

2: Lipstick/lipgloss. When my brows are done, and I still have time, I will at least make sure to toss a lipstick in my bag. You can put it on later in the bus, and will give you an instant flush of colour to your face. My go to lipstick is Maybelline 330 Sugar Plum. Check out my post on my lipstick collection.

Maybelline 330 Sugar Plum

3. Concealer. Dot dot here. Dot dot there, and smudge it out with your fingers. I need it mostly under my eyes as I have dark under eye circles. It’s quick, easy and will brighten up the face without having to spend time to put on foundation. The Revlon is my perfect colour match. The MAC is slightly lighter than my skin tone. As my main problem is dark circles under my eyes, I like to use this kind of lightweight concealer. To cover up other heavier discolouration, I like to use my Makeup Forever concealer.

Left: Revlon Colorstay Concealer in 05 Medium Dark. Right: MAC Select Moisturecover in NC35.

4: Blush: To give the face a nice flush of colour. My go to blush is NYX Dusty Rose. Check out my other NYX blushes. I like to use the MAC 116 brush to apply.

NYX powder blush and MAC 116 brush

5: Tinted moisturiser/foundation + powder. Depending on the time and mood, I either use a tinted moisturiser or foundation. And I always powder my face afterwards. For the tinted moisturiser, I mix my own by using a tiny dot of my Makeup Forever concealer. You can use any concentrated concealer.

Makeup Forever Full Cover in no. 10

For the foundation, I like to use the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for oily skin because it’s so humid in Hong Kong right now. And for the same reason, I have to powder my face. When applying the liquid foundation, I use a Clinique foundation brush to apply on my face, and a buffing brush(either the Sigma or Real Techniques one) to even it out. And then a powder brush to dab on a thin layer just to avoid looking too oily later in the day.

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay, combination/oily skin in 330 Natural Tan. Clinique: foundation brush. Sigma: Rounded Kabuki – F82. Real Techniques: buffing brush

All my close friends know that I love, love my Mac Studio Fix powder. I have been using it for years. You can also only apply the powder with a brush to get a very light coverage.

Studio Fix powder in NC42. Brush: Real Techniques, powder brush

6: Mascara. My beloved Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express. Check out my review of it. Remember to curl your lashes first. The only one I’m using is the Shiseido one.

shiseido eyelash curler

Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express waterproof in black

7. Eyeliner. Usually I’ll go for the kohl or liquid liner, as it takes me too long to play around with the gel. Check out my favourite eyeliners for each type.

Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Liner, 01 Blackest Black. And Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

8. Gel shadow. As it can take some time to play around with powder shadows, I always grab for my gel shadow from Maybelline. I just use my fingers and smudge it on my eyes. I bought this in Hong Kong, before the Color Tattoo came out. It’s a light, brown colour. It’s not matte, but not too shimmery either.

Maybelline gel eye shadow. Can’t give a more detailed description as it’s all in Japanese at the back

9. Powder eye shadow. If it’s one of those days where I have a lot of time. I will spend more time doing the whole eye makeup look using several eye shadows.

Tip: One way to really make your eyes pop is to use a bright eyeliner. My favourite one is from Sephora and is a really pretty and bright turquoise. I just use it to line just below my waterline. It takes five seconds to put it on, but it looks like you’ve put more effort into it.

Sephora flashy liner waterproof. 08 Flashy Blue

The chronoligical order of applying the products

The list above is which products I would use, if I only had 1-10 products. But this is the order if I have time to use all the products.

1. Foundation/tinted moisturiser

2. Draw my brows

3. Gel shadow

4. Powder eyeshadow

5. Eyeliner

6. Mascara

7. Concealer

8. Face powder

9. Lower eyeliner

10. Blush

11. Lipstick

We’re all different, and have different needs. So I definitely do not suggest this priority for everyone. My 1. priority is eyebrow pencil because I have sparse brows. But if you for instance have really heavy and dark under eye circles, the concealer would be the priority. If YOU can only choose one makeup product, what would it be?

Maybelline the Falsies

My favorite mascara:

Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express waterproof in black

maybelline falsies maybelline falsies wand

I have really short and sparse lashes, so I need a mascara that really can make them visible in a good way. This mascara has been one of my stables for years. It gives me the volume and length I want without clumping – even with 2-3 coats!

Many of the mascaras I have tried are either too dry, too wet, too clumpy, don’t give me enough length or volume etc. This one is just perfect. And as a bonus, it’s not too expensive.