Makeup for Christmas dinner

I went to a Christmas dinner with my colleagues 2 weekends ago. It was really fun to put on makeup on myself because I haven’t done that kind of makeup for a while, and also because I was putting on makeup for a few colleagues.

For my own look, I went for golden eyes and red lips. I used my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 75-24K Gold as base, and topped it off with “Strike” from the Urban Decay Vice2 palette. The lippie is Revlon Super Lustrous in 004 Retro Red.

Christmas dinner

Here are some close-ups. No filter.

2014-11-29 15.32.03_cropped  2014-11-29 15.32.13_cropped  2014-11-29 15.32.25_cropped  2014-11-29 15.32.29_cropped

So these are my beautiful colleagues that allowed me to put makeup on them. We did the makup in the bathroom which made it a little hard to capture the colours. Kristina (first row) got a dark green eye look, Marie (middle row) got a bordeux eye look, and Tine (3rd row) got a purple eye look (although it’s a little hard to tell from the pictures). I used some nyx singles, Maybelline Color Tattoos (Promegranate Punk and Painted Purple) as bases for Kristina and Tine, and the MUA makeup palette in Undressed.



Okay, one more selfie:

2014-11-29 15.31.53

I need more occasions to do this kind of festive looks!!

Maria xoxo


MUA Matte foundation – a joke?

It is called MUA Matte foundation – seriously, are they joking me? Well, just take a look at the following pictures…!!

2013-10-21 07.48.36  2013-10-21 07.48.33  2013-10-21 07.48.47

Do I need to say more? Well… it’s quite the opposite of mattifying the skin, isn’t it!

The packaging is actually quite nice and the price is low, and the shade 3 matches me very well. On the downside, the texture is way too thick for me to work with, and the colour payoff is almost non-existing. It feels like putting a thick layer of sticky fat on the face.

IMG_5840 IMG_5841

I don’t want to waste too much time talking about this product other than I give it a huge FAIL!

Have you tried this?? Do you have the same experience or is it just me?

Maria xoxo

MUA blush

I must say, that out of my MUA haul, the product I enjoy the most is the blush. I really regret I didn’t buy all the shades! See them on their page here.


Anyway, I have mine in shade 3 which is a really natural looking shade. There is a tiny bit of shimmer in it, but barely visible. It is perfectly pigmented and creamy, and goes on so nicely. For me, a blusher can actually be too pigmented – that’s those where it can easily go wrong. I have seriously not a single bad thing to say about this blush! Everyone is talking about the Sleek blushes. The Sleek blush in shade Suede 921 really looks like this one – I’m so choosing the MUA over the Sleek. Package-wise, the Sleek does look much better… But what more can you expect for 1£?

IMG_5581  ???????????????????????????????

Swatch: MUA on the left, Sleek on the right.

I was wearing this blush when I was doing the review for the MUA wild berry lipstick. I know it’s not very noticible on the picture, but I’m generally very careful with blush.


I highly recommend the blushes from MUA, and will get them all next time I shop there!

Have you tried them? What are your thoughts on them?

Maria xoxo

The dark plum lips

The fall trend everyone is talking about…. I was testing out the really dark looking lipstick in Wild Berry from MUA. I guess I was rushing a little when I ordered it. The lipstick itself looks so dark, but the swatch is very light and red – see it on the webpage here. I know it states that it’s a matte, but the formula is seriously very dry. It was not possible to build up either. This is not a product I would recommend – even not for 1£.


So this is how it looks like applied:


I was not satisfied, so I looked in my drawer and found an elf lipstick(in plum) and put it on top. I ended up with a somewhat satisfactory result:


I really want to get hold of the one from Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry as I love the formula!

Also, watch 10 fall lispsticks recommended my Emily. I love her videos!

What is your favourite fall lipstick?

Maria xoxo

MUA eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too

Today is a review of the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too. See the product on their page here.

I have actually been using this palette quite often lately. Most of them are not matte – but but but…. the matte shades in this palette are the bad ones, so I’m glad there are only 3 of them – the pigmentation is bad, dry, and does not go on very well. However, the rest of them – the shimmery/frosty one are fantastic. They look much prettier in real life than on the palette! They are creamy and really easy to apply and with minimal fallout. The staying power is pretty good. Just make sure to wear an eyeshadow primer with these shadows.

IMG_5580 On my NC42 arm.

To show you how it looks on the eyes, I used some of the shades to create this look. Realised I should have blended the black better. But as I stated, the mattes are really hard to work with:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

For this look, I used:


A thin layer of Shy on the whole lid as base. Fiery on the lids(LOVE this shade), focusing on the inner part of the eyes. Lavish on the outer part of the eyes as contour. For further/darker contouring, Corrupt was used. On the lower lashline, I used Obsessed. And I used Shy again to highlight my inner corners and browbone.

This is the whole face, including some goofy pics. I tried to do the miley face, but my tongue is really short.

IMG_5568  IMG_5571 ???????????????????????????????

Overall, if you like shimmery shades, I would definitely recommend this palette – it’s only 4£! I enjoy it! Not sure whether I would repurchase though. I do like the Sleek palettes more.

Maria xoxo

MUA BB cream review

A quick review on the MUA BB Cream. As I did a MUA haul a while ago, I’ve been trying some of the products out. For the complexion products, I like the BB Cream the best out of the 3 I bought. I have it in shade 3 – Dark, I’m NC42. And I’m quite satisfied with the match. Have a look on the BB Creams here.

2013-10-19 18.14.06

Overall, I think it’s an okay product compared to the low price of only 4£. I know I wrote that the consistency is quite light in the haul post, but I’ve actually realised that this product is on the creamier side. It can be a little hard to blend in, but I just use my hands to rub it in, and it turns out ok. The coverage is light(which was what I was looking for). As my skin is a tat on the oilier side these days, I use a tissue to dab off any oil excess and make sure to powder over. The lasting power is decent, but my face becomes a little oilier the end of the day.


I’m wearing the foundation on the left side of my face.

I would say that I would not recommend this product as it makes my skin shine… I mean… look at the picture…

Have you tried this foundation before?

Maria xoxo

Huge MUA haul

As I discovered that MUA(Makeup Academy) does international shipping for a decent price at 7,5£, I just went crazy because the products are so cheap!

I’m just gonna show you quickly what I’ve got. I was most excited about the eyeshadow palettes. I know it was a little silly to get those three that remind so much of each other, but they were so cheap! -only 4£.. I’m gonna give one of them to my roomie though. It will take forever to swatch them, so it’s gonna be another time.

Upper left – Heaven and Earth. Upper right – Undressed. Lower left – Glamour Nights. Lower right – Undress me too.

And then there are the foundations. I have been looking for some lighter foundations. The drugstore foundations here in Hong Kong are all too light for me, and I’m just not very keen on buying high-end foundations these days, so thought I might as well give these a try. I was searching for a while hoping to get the right shades. Luckily, they are quite good matches (I’m NC42). The fashionista feels quite thick(3£ – saved 9£). The matte feels (surprise) matte when putting on the skin(sales price is 1£). And the BB cream consistency feels pretty light(4£).

Fashionista foundation in Desert. Matte foundation in shade 3 gentle fawn. BB foundation in dark.

Swatch order according to the above. Blended out at the bottom(although it’s barely noticeable).

And then we’ve got some crazy lashes for 1£ as they’re doing half price now.

Sassy and Vixen.

Some brushes – E3 blending eye shadow brush(1,95£) and F2 foundtion blending brush(3£).


And then I bought 2 power pout colour intense tint & balm in broken hearted (left) and irreplacable (right). I accidentally cut a whole chunk off when I tried to rip off the packaging, so I’ve stored it in a little container. These give a more sheer finish, but feels very soft on my hand. These are 3£.

IMG_5507  IMG_5506  IMG_5514

From left to right: I got 2 matte lipsticks in wild berry and peach keen. And then atomic tangerine and ultra pink. I had hoped that the berry would have been more pigmented, but I’m quite satisfied with the pigmentation with the rest. The fashionista double take lipsticks(the red ones) feel very very soft on my hand. The matte ones are 1£, and fashionista 1,5£ on sale.

IMG_5509  IMG_5512

Then there are the “regular” lipsticks in shade 13, 5, 3 and 7. I must say, I’m very happy with the pigmentation except for the light pink one – I just thought it wasn’t so glittery. 1£ per lipstick.

IMG_5510  IMG_5511

Lastly, I’ve got a blush in shade 3 and a lipliner. I didn’t swatch the lipliner as I couldn’t tear up the packaging haha. I expected the colour to be a deeper anyway, so I’m a little disappointed with this one. The blush seems to be quite pigmented and has a really natural colour. 1£ for the blush and same price for the lipliner.

IMG_5508       IMG_5515

Alright. That was it. Genereally very happy with what I’ve got. I will do a review of the products at some point. Hope you liked my haul 😀 I’m super excited!

Maria xoxo