Review of Maybelline Master Graphic

On to my eyeliner number two of the three liners I purchased: Maybelline Master Graphic:

“Liquid marker eyeliner for a bold graphic look”

 maybelline master graphic pen

Application: I bought this liquid liner because of the unique marker pen-like tip. The tip is hard enough to make it easy to apply a line which also makes it more difficult to make a wing. When I was finished, it looked quite ok.

maybelline maste graphic look open IMmaybelline master graphic after closed

Pigmentation: When it comes to pigmentation, unfortunately, this thing is a disappointment for me. I had to go over this line several times to build up a solid line:


maybelline master graphic swatch

Longevity: It doesn’t claim to be waterproof or anything, and my eyes do water a lot. By the end of the day, my liners were gone 😦 At least, it didn’t smear or smudge. It just kind of disappeared. This might be good enough for those of you that can “keep a liner” on the eyes. This is me by the end of the day:

maybelline master graphic after

Removing the liner: As I didn’t have much left on my lids, I barely removed any of it. But I can imagine that it is very easy to remove.

Final verdict: Definitely not a liner that can last on my lids, and the pigmentation is just not good enough. I wouldn’t repurchase it. However, if you’re a beginner, this might actually be a good liquid liner to start off with even it looks a bit chunky and scary.

See my previous post on Maybelline Maybelline Master Ink Matte here.

The next liner I will review will be Maybelline Master Duo.

Until next time!

Maria xoxo


L’Oreal True Match Foundation review

I used the L’Oreal’s True match foundation like 10 odd years ago, and I’ve recently purchased it. I remember that I stopped using it because in the end of the day, I never had any foundation left on my face. But that’s defo not the case any more with the new formula.


Texture and finish

After all those years, of course, they have changed the formula…. to the better… Oh my…. When I applied it for the first time, I was overwhelmed by how soft and blendable it is. I only need one pump to cover my whole face (and a little left for the areas that need a little extra), and I just use my fingers to apply. Usually, I always powder my face, but I haven’t done it with this one. The True Match leaves a semi-matte finish meaning that it would be good for oily/oily-combination skin. So be careful if you have dry skin!

Wearing the L’Oreal True Match foundation in shade N6 on the right side of my face. Excuse me for the horrible brows!


I would say that it’s gives a medium coverage. It looks very light on my face because I applied a very thin layer. Why cover everything up now that my acne scars are fading? You can easily build it up. I dab on more around my nose, under my eyes, and the cheek area where I have many blemishes. It works really well, especially when you don’t have a whole lot of time in the morning to fumble around with concealers and all that.



As you probably know, the True Match line has a myriad of shades! But bare in mind that as soon as you’re outside of the States, there are usually only a few to choose from. I ended up with the N6. I’d wish I could have chosen the W6 though. “N” stands for neutral and “W” for warm. I have yellow-toned skin, so I usually go for the “W”‘s.

It sounds funny, but when I apply the N6 to my face, it doesn’t look quite yellow enough. But when I put it on my hand, it seems very yellow.

I haven’t been at the MAC counter to check my shade for a long time, but I think I’m down to an NC 35 or 37 – just for comparison.


I love it! It feels super nice and light on the skin. I only spend a few secs to apply it with my fingers, and the coverage is really good. I want to try out the W6 to see whether that one would be too yellow for me though.

As for the price, I bought it on sale for around 11€. I would say that this foundation is super affordable, and totally worth the price!

Have you tried this foundation before? Which shade do you use and what MAC shade are you?

Maria xoxo


Nailtiques formula 2

I realised it’s been more than 2 weeks ago I have blogged. I have been super busy, and my living situation is not ideal right now, so all my stuff is shuffed into small makeup bags, so I haven’t been playing around with different products lately.

2014-03-26 22.28.41

My nails have always been soft, peeled and chipped. I have tried out many different products and I keep moisturising my cuticles but nothing has worked as well as my newly discovered wonder product! Yes, with Nailtiques formula 2, I can now have a few millimetres of nails that are looking pretty and non-chipped!


I was quite sceptical in the beginning. People rave about OPI Envy, but that one actually made my nails worse. So after that episode, I haven’t really been very keen on trying this kind of nail strengthener. My Nailtiques formula 2 arrived 3 weeks ago, and I have been following the instructions religiously; you’re supposed to apply a layer every day, and remove it once a week with a remover with acetone.


The smell is very strong, and you should avoid touching the cuticles. The brush is really nice and application is very easy. They say that it’s packed with hydrolized keratin, gelatin and calcium – all ingredients that strengthen nails. But how can I just put on a layer of stuff and my nails just turn hard and stop chipping and splitting? I’m thinking that it must contain some strong chemicals, but what the heck… it’s working and how can it hurt me???


I have never had nails looking this fine, and I’m so excited that I can finally put nail polishes on my long nails. Well… not that long – I just like to have a few millimetres as you see on the picture.


It has been 3 weeks for me now (you can see on the above picture how much I’ve used), and I will decrease the use and see how that goes. They say that Nailtiques formula 2 can be worn under nail polishes.

My Nailtiques formula 2 was bought on Usually I don’t like to buy things on their page because the prices are quite steep as you don’t have to pay shipping fee. I couldn’t really figure out where else to get it, so I just bought it for 18€. Very expensive, but in my opinion worth it. I give this bottle full points. I love it and will continue using it!

You can view their official website here.

Have you tried it? Do you have a nail wonder product?

Maria xoxo

Addition – warning:

I did some extra research after I wrote this post. On Makeupalley, it has got 4,5 lipsticks (out of 5) of 195 reviews, and on amazon 4,5 stars (out of 5) of 89 reviews. I just want to point out that one should be careful with the Nailtiques formula 2 regardless. Some people have experienced scary conditions such as pain and nails starting to loosen from the nail beds. And just when I removed it today, my fingers are throbbing a little, and the nail bed of my left middle finger is a little bit loose. I though it was because I banged it into something while I was doing the dishes. So I went on the internet and did some extra research and found out that some people have had some bad side effects. It is no doubt some strong chemicals I’m putting on my nails, and will be much more careful with it. I’m thinking of using it once a week from now on – that should be okay.

Micellar waters

Hey girls….

Today, I’m going to talk about micellar waters… For those of you that don’t know what it is, I’ll shortly explain first; It is a makeup remover. It is in a liquid form. Just pour it on a cotton pad, and wipe your makeup off. Micellar waters are especially popular among makeup artists as they can quickly remove makeup between looks.

There is just one thing I want to point out: many people use this as a remover and cleanser in one. I always go for a DOUBLE-CLEANSE! So I use the micellar water to remove the first layer of the makeup, and then I wash my face with a face cleanser. In my opinion, this hype has gone a little wild. Whilst those brands claim that their micellar waters have a 3 in 1 function (remove makeup, cleanse and add moisture), I do not believe in such a wonder product – that this one bottle can replace remover, cleanser, toner, and moisturiser.

Micellar waters have become very popular the last few years, and still more brands come out with their version of it. The first one that got the big breakthrough is the Bioderma ones. They have a few versions for sensitive (clear bottle with pink lid) / combination or oily (blue bottle with green lid) skin. The blue bottle is the only one I have tried. I have become extremely fond of the idea of a micellar water, and I will definitely keep using one. However, I seek for cheaper alternatives. So I did a quick google, and want to share my thoughts with you guys.

  • For the drugstore alternatives, I know that Nivea, Garnier and L’Oreal all have a micellar water.
  • For the classical French pharma brands; Vichy, La Roche Posay and Avène make them.
  • Vogue also recommends other high end ones such as TAAJ, Decléor, Dior, Darphin, REN etc.. See their top 10 here.

As my evening routine doesn’t 100% rely on this one product, I am more liable to go for a cheaper alternative. I am running low, hence this post about my considerations for a new one. Right now, the Nivea one appeals to me as it is free of parabens and parfume. The other drugstore micellar waters have also received good reviews.

What do you use to remove your makeup and clean your face with in the evening?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Maria xoxo

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour and Visible Difference

I am a sucker for trying out mainstream products. Because they are so hyped, I want to test them out myself and either confirm or dismiss the claims.

A few months ago, my lips started to become very dry – not just normal dry lips, but it was flaking, swelling, and tightening around my whole mouth – to a state where I felt so helpless and gross. I have never experienced anything alike in my life! So my lipsticks were definitely kept in the drawer for a long while. I tried out different lip balms; at first some minty ones such as Burt’s Bees and EOS (the light blue minty one) as I felt they were the only ones that could give me an instant relief before needing them again after a few minutes. Later – I figured that it was stress that caused the condition of my lips and the area around!

I was desperately in search for lip balms, and also tried the much hyped Nivea one. Don’t misunderstand me – all the mentioned products are great! I just found myself ending up with the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This product is one of the most hyped, and I finally took the plunge. It was not overly expensive. I think I paid around 20USD for it on sale. In the beginning, I was not overwhelmed by it. But with time, and as I got less stressed, I found myself going back to this one.

People talk about lip balms as in: Oh, this lip balm is so good, I use it all the time/I use it up in no time. NO – that makes it a bad lip balm!!!

A good one will last very long between each application. When people say that they can’t live without their eight hour cream, I usually think what’s the big deal about this thing? Now, I kind of get it – I can live without it, but as long as I have access to it, I will not leave it behind me. With this Eight Hour cream, I found myself only using it a few times a day. And I wake up in the morning with the most plump and moist lips. Yes, the smell is not the most pleasant as it’s famous for. But this one is definitely a keeper and a repurchase for me although one tube will probably last me a long long while. It’s also a multi-purpose cream/oil that can be used for any other dry areas. I like using this on my cuticles.

So this was my review of the Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream. I give the hype a big confirm!

Visible Difference Moisturiser:

This thing is a life saver in winter times. I bumped into this product randomly because it was on sale. I always struggle with skincare products. Somehow, I want to stick to fixed products I know are good, but at the same time – how can I know they are the best if I don’t try out others? But I am reaching a state where I’m settling down now (before the big hunt for anti-aging products in a few years). I also like it because of the affordable price. The smell is something I had to get used to. It smells like a very clean and really nice smelling public toilet.  I know it sounds weird. But it really does not smell bad – but just gives me this weird association. I don’t care – this thing has saved me last winter, and this is what I stick to!

Do you have a skincare product you swear by?

Maria xoxo

Purple with painted purple

I was very excited to get another of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. If you know me, I already own a few. They are on sale regularly, so I didn’t pay full price for it. This one is in 20 Painted Purple. I think that this works really well as a base, but wouldn’t use this alone by itself.

IMG_5898  IMG_5899

Here is the gel pot in action. I used this as base, so applied some other purple eyeshadows on top. Sorry for the bad lighting.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Do you also own MAC’s paint pots? How are they compared?

I definitely think that a pop of a purple colour like this could go very well with any Christmas dinners.

Merry Christmas!

Maria xoxo

Michael Todd review

I have had the Michael Todd products for a while now, so now I feel like I can talk about them. I bought the whole set almost 3 months ago. Everything went perfect, and the Michael Todd customer service was just wonderful. You can read about my experience here. Now, in this post, I wanna do a review of the products themselves.

My skin has been really bad since I arrived Hong Kong. I think it’s the air and definitely the stress! Unfortunately, I must say that the Michael Todd products aren’t doing a whole lot for me.

A lineup of the products:

2013-09-26 16.10.54

First, we have the Honey and oat cleanser: maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t smell like honey nor oat, but more like the yellow gummy bear. I’m not a fan of the smell, but it has been working fine. It does the job; you can even use it for removing makeup. Although if you’re wearing foundation, I would recommend to double-cleanse. I clean my face with my Bioderma Sebium H2O first – then wash my face. So no complaints about this product, but I don’t feel a big difference either. I’m thinking of going back to my Ciracle face cleanser. It’s a Korean brand, and I used it when I broke out (more like acne) last year, and that one really helped me. I would use this one up first though. I hate wasting 🙂


The second tube was a free sample, and funny enough, it’s my favourite of the bunch. It’s the pumpkin mask. It seriously both smells and looks like pumpkin! It really tingles when you put it on as it’s a cleansing mask. My face feels so nice and clean after use. You only need to use this every 1-2 week.


When I got this set, my face was kind of dry, so I got the avocado and mango mask. But it started to get more on the oily side again, and haven’t really been using it. It is very creamy, and smells more like mango. Think this will be good for a harsh winter. And also, the size is definitely generous.


I didn’t take a picture of The Blue and algae toner as it’s just a clear liquid. I still can’t figure whether I like the smell or not. It smells a little like spa, but quite strong. I don’t think that this has done a lot for me, but I’ll just use it up.

Next is the concentrated C serum. I have been trying to use a few serums here and there. But actually, the only serum I have ever seen a difference on me is the Clinique Even better clinical dark spot corrector. But I stopped after one tube as I couldn’t afford it. And also the Biotherm Source Therapy 7 (sample size,  so couldn’t really judge it) just felt like heaven putting it on! Anyway, currently, I’m just using this one without a moisturiser. The texture is thicker, and smells like citrus. It’s ok, I’m actually not sure whether this is breaking me out.


The Intensive eye cream is also very average in my opinion. I like that it comes in a tube with pump, but the lid doesn’t hold on to the bottle. I’m also using this up, and will either continue my hunt or go back the best one I’ve tried so far which is the Clinique Even better eye cream.


The last one is the Citrus cream moisturiser. Actually I think this one breaks me out. Every time I give it a go, I get so many pimples or I just choose a bad time of the month to retry this the last few times. Maybe I’m just not good with the vitamin C products? A little goes a long long way. It’s a little sticky in texture. It takes a long time to sink into the skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for day time, maybe more as a night cream.


To sum up: I hate to say it. But Michael Todd just didn’t really do it for me. I might get the pumpkin mask though, and maybe even their Charcoal face wash as I’ve heard good things about that one. But for now, I still need to hunt for better products for my skin.

Maria xoxo