King’s day

It’s King’s day in The Netherlands! I didn’t have time to buy an orange shirt. So here’s my version of orange!



Happy King’s day!
Maria xoxo


My top 10 for 2013

It’s my turn to do my top 10 of 2013! Here is my list. I know that the following products are not strictly cosmetics, but they are products I have discovered and really really enjoyed during 2013.


First, I want to mention the Maybelline Color Tattoos 24H Eyeshadows. They are in a gel formula, and I like to apply them with my fingers. If you want more coverage, just build up slowly, and you will get the most beautiful result. The first one I got was Back to the Bronze – a light browny colour. Absolutely love it. It can be the perfect base for a neutral look or simply be worn alone. When I’m in a rush, this is all I need. Pomegranate Punk is the most beautiful  red-burgundy shade. I have been using it as a base, and top off with a powder shadow in a similar shade which is the one in the top right corner of the Sleek Storm palette. There was a period where I wore this combination every day!

???????????????????????????????  IMG_5937

Talking of which… the Sleek Storm palette made it on the list. I have cheated a little, and have included the NYX eyeshadows also. I just got the NYX Wicked Dreams palette – it has so many nice shades! For the singles, I have 4, and I already have a huge list of all the rest to get! For the Sleek i-Divine palettes, the Storm is my favourite (as shown above). You can go for the most neutral look to a darker, but still colourful eyelook. A very sophisticated palette in my opinion. The others I have are Au Naturel and Snapshots.


I discovered this Milani Multitasker Powder. It is a really good one compared to the price. This thing only costs 5.99USD, and I use it to set my foundation. It is perfect as it gives a very light and natural finish. I still love my MAC Studio Fix, but that one has a better coverage and would be better if I only want to wear a powder without anything underneath. I am using Tan, and I’m an NC42.

2014-01-04 21.59.04

I just thought the Burt’s Bees was so so in the beginning when I used it. I had to try it because there was so much hype around it. But I’ve really grown to love it. I love the minty feeling, and when applied, it does last me a long time.


The Summers in Asia can be really really hot and humid. The Skindinavia setting spray can really help my makeup stay put. Now that it’s colder, I use it when I have a night out or whenever I need my makeup to stay. It’s not cheap, so I only use it once in a while. I just got myself one from NYX which is much cheaper, so would be more liable to grab for a setting spray now.


The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion has been a life saver for me. I have been breaking out so much in Hong Kong. And this one takes the edge of the worst. I hope that my skin gets better once I get back to Europe. I did a post of this product here.


Again, I’m cheating a little bit. Obviously, I have been incredibly fond of Revlon’s lipsticks this year. The first line is Super Lustrous. Mine are all matte, and I like them for their great pigmentation and the moisturising feel. The shades are fantastic. The three I’ve got are Certainly Red, Cherries in the Glow and Pink Velvet. And then there are the Lip Butters. They are so moisturising!! My favourite shades are Berry Smoothie and Lollipop. As buttery as they feel, you would think that they would be sheer, but no. You can really build up the colours!


Beauty So Clean is a bottle of magic I cannot live without. It’s not a makeup product, but it sanitises them! Click here for my post on this product.


The main reason I like this Revlon Colorstay concealer is the shade. I have mine in medium/medium deep. Sometimes when buying foundations and concealers, it can be really hard to hit the right shade. So I’ve been using this a lot.


The LA Girl Glide pencils are so extremely creamy and just really nice eyeliners. They only cost 5USD, but often on sale at cherryculture for 3!! To set the liner, I like to go over with a Q-tip, and preferably set it with a powder. Then you will get a beautiful liner that will not budge. There are 18 different shades. Mine are Champagne, Gypsy Teal and Very Black.

Now that I’m already cheating a little bit, I want to sneak in this last item I now literally cannot live without, and that’s my Tweezerman tweezer!


I hope you liked this post. And I look forward to see your favourites of 2013!

Happy New Year.

Maria xoxo

Romantic rosy look

I started playing a little, and ended up with this:


Here is a step by step for this look:

1. I primed my face with Makeup Forever HD Primer in #6.

2. For foundation, I used Makeup Forever HD foundations where I mixed two colours. See my other post for more details.

3. Primed the eyes with Urban Decay primer potion.

4. Defined my brows(here’s how I did it) with YSL eyebrow pencil in no. 5, and started the eyelook:

rosy eyelook  IMG_4936

5. I started off putting a very matte light colour on the whole lid so that the other colours will show up better.

6. I used the Sleek iDivine Storm palette. Oh my, I love this palette. I mixed 1 and 2 and applied on the lids, starting from inner corners and blended outwards.

7. As I wanted more of the light rosy colour(1) at the inner corners, I applied more of that.

8. I used 3 as the contouring colour. And another lighter matte colour as a transition colour.

9. I started off mixing 4 and 5 and lined under my eyes. I sprayed the brush with elf’s Makeup lock and seal for better staying power. I then went back to 4 and applied more of that blue. I did this using Sigma Small Angle E65 brush.

10. Used 6 to highlight inner corners and brow bones.

11. Lined the eyes with Bobbi Brown gel liner, using the same E65 brush.

12. Curled, applied false lashes, and mascara. See this post for how I applied the false lashes.

13. For undereye concealer, I used MAC Moisturecover in NC35, and for spots, I used Makeup Forever full cover concealer in #10.

14. Contoured the face with Makeup Forever HD concealer in 355, and highlighted with Clinique concealer in medium.

15. Powdered the face with MAC Studio Fix in NC42.

16. Blush is NYX Dusty Rose.

17. Lipstick is Revlon Lip butter in Lollipop for a more romantic look.


Maria xoxo

Black smokey eye

Lately, I have been struggling with getting back to a normal day rythm. On top of that, I’m trying to get some study done, plus looking for a job. Feel like I have too much going on. I just missed playing around with makeup. For me, it’s like therapy. So I allowed myself to play today!

I suddenly felt like doing a black smokey eye look, so that’s what I did 😀

Camera 360  Camera 360

I started off with a bare face, and primed the eyes with Urban Decay primer potion:

2013-08-17 16.34.16-1

I used the NYX Nude on Nude palette:


And then I applied a lighter black eyeshadow, including on the lower lash line. Don’t worry about being neat. The one eye applied, and the other one blended out:

2013-08-17 16.40.00-1

And then apply a more intense black focusing on the lids. I used Sleek, Storm palette:

2013-08-17 16.47.51-1

I drew my brows before cleaning up all the mess, as it’s easier with the brows defined:

2013-08-17 17.20.23-1

And then I used a golden shimmery colour to highlight the inner corners, lined all around my eyes with Revlon Colorstay pencil liner, curled and applied mascara with Urban Decay Canonball.

I did spend a lot of time going back and forth cleaning and blending the eyeshaow.

2013-08-17 17.33.18-1

For the rest of the face, I tried to keep it neutral and simple: Foundation is Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+, and concealer is MAC moisturecover in NC35, powdered the face with MAC Studio Fix in NC42, blush is ELF tickled pink, lips is KATE Kanebo in BE-2.

I don’t do many heavy, dark looks, so I’m still experimenting with it. It’s also because I’m not used to see myself with this kind of look. What do you think? Is it too much even for a night out?

Maria xoxo

Midnight blue smokey eyes

Usually, I like lighter and fresher eye looks…. because it’s so easy, and as much as I love makeup – most days I’m lazy with it. So I don’t do this kind of darker look very often, but this is the look I did yesterday:

Camera 360

Close up on the eyes:

2013-08-08 16.59.11-1

2013-08-08 16.59.22-1  2013-08-08 16.59.36-1

For the eyes, I was using:

– Urban Decay primer potion (priming the eyes can make a huge difference)

– A light colour as base

– The Storm palette:


I applied the midnight blue colour(1) on my lid, making sure not to bring it up too much. I kept layering this colour a few times. And then I smudged it up slightly to avoid any harsh line. I contoured with the black shade(2), making sure to apply it very lightly as I only want a hint of darker colour on the outer corner. Blend, blend, blend, blend. I then used a lighter shade as a transition colour(3) and applied it on the rest of the lids. I then used a light shimmery champagne colour(4) and lightly dabbed it on the browbone, and on the inner corners of my eyes – making sure to blend it properly to avoid the inner corners screaming shimmer. But it was a very important step in order to brighten up the eyes because this is a darker look. I finished off by smudging on a darker brown colour on the lower lashline, just to connect with the rest of the eyes.

I wanted a subtle look. So I didn’t want to put on a heavy eyeliner. I used a soft, black pencil liner I can smudge out – with Revlon colorstay black pencil liner. This liner is so creamy and has good staying power – just make sure to go over it/smudge it with a Q-tip. I only gave the liner a tiny lift without winging it as such. As I had a night out, I avoided to put on any dark/black liner/mascara under my eyes – black smudge is the last thing I wanted last night! So I kept it clean with only the smudged dark brown colour. I of course, topped the whole look off by curling my lashes with my beloved Shiseido eyelash curler and mascara. I used Maybelline Falsies and Maybelline Volum Express Rocket for even bigger lashes.

For the rest, I was wearing:

– Estee Lauder Futurist in #66. This is a sample I got from the counter. I’m quite satisfied with the colour match.

– Revlon Colorstay concealer in medium/deep

– Milani multitasker powder in 05 Tan

– Lioele eyebrow pencil in 02

– NYX powder blush in Dusty Rose

– Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 423 Pink Velvet – for a very pretty rosie tint on my lips and good staying power by doing this:

tip: I put on a generous coat, and massaged it in my lips, and then I blotted the rest off with a tissue until I’m left with a tint. It can look rather dry, so I topped it off with:

– Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in 080 Cherries in the glow

I forgot to top the whole look off with:

Skindinavia setting spray – I realised I forgot when I was out in the heat!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone 😀

Maria xoxo

MOTD the other day :p

I forgot to upload these pictures from the other day 😀

I was aiming for a rosy/smokey look, and used a dark green eyeliner on the lower lashline. Also tried to capture the look by using different cameras/lighting. I need a proper light 😀


Rosy green liner  Rosy green liner face

Again, used one of my Sleek palettes (Storm). The liner is from LA Girl (glide pencil in gypsy teal).

Maria xoxo

Purple or orange?

So I randomly did two looks on my eyes today. Mainly using the Sleek i-Divine palette in 732 Snapshot. Yes, I still love it. There are just so many different fun colours in this palette, I feel like, I can keep play with it. I had a lot of fun doing them. This is what turned out after I played around for a bit. Product descriptions further down in this post.

purple and orange

This was the first look I came up with.

Purple products purple

I applied a deeper, matte purple on the inner and outer corner(Purple Haze), and then a light shimmery purple(Lotus Power) on the middle of my eyelid. I applied a darker/black shadow on the outer corner to give it some definition. On the lower lash line, I went ahead and applied a shimmery champaign colour(Martini) along with a pink shadow(Magneta Madness). I also lined the waterline with a light colour (NYX pencil in 928 Velvet). For the eyeliner, I used a brown gel liner from Bobbi Brown to create a softer look. Finishing off by highlighting the inner corner and browbone with a light shimmery Shadow(Martini).

Orange  products orange

For this orangy look, I applied Tequila Sunrise(a really bright, shimmery orange) on the whole lid, and used a brown colour on the outer corner. On the lower lash line, I used a pale, matte orange colour (Washed Ashore). I used a liquid liner from Loreal Ultra Sharp and winged it. I lined my lower lashline with a pencil from Sephora. Finishing off by highlighting the inner corner and browbone with a light shimmery Shadow(Martini).

This is the weird face wearing two different eye looks. Second one is with a different lighting and quality as I took it with my phone camera:


This is the Sleek palette I used. Click for larger photos:

IMG_5039  IMG_5041

The rest of the products I used:

products the rest

Makeup Forever HD Foundation N127. I’m NC42, so this is a tit too light for me. I mixed it with a darker one. Urban Decay Primer Potion. Maybelline the Falsies. Milani Multitaskter powder in 05 Tan. Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie. Sleek Blush in Suede 921. Revlon Colorstay concealer in 05 Medium Deep. YSL Eyebrow pencil. Shiseido Eyelash curler.

Hope you liked this post. I had a lot of fun doing them 🙂

Maria xoxo