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When to chuck out your mascaras

Time flies by. I haven’t been blogging for months. An update post will hopefully be coming up soon! I have been burning up with topics and products I want to share with you but simply haven’t had the time.

Today, we are going to talk about mascaras. I have never believed in buying expensive mascaras, as I find the cheap ones are working just fine. I especially love Maybelline’s mascaras. My favourite is The Falsies, and I have been using The Rocket Volum Express every day lately. I mean, they have been lasting me for a long while – too long maybe. I keep using them, thinking that they will dry out soon, but nope, they are still good to use – or are they?

The rule of thumb with mascaras is: You have to chuck them out after 3 months! I don’t remember where I read it, but after 3 months, small crawlies will begin to grow, and it’s really not nice to put that not-so-clean mascara wand so close to your eyes. That’s also why it’s not a good idea to have too many mascaras in use at the same time.

I just opened my Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum Express. It looks really natural, but still gives my lashes some volume. I get a kind of flaring effect opposed to the more clumpy Rocket – though I really get some serious volume with it. I’m not too sure about the staying power of Hyper Curl yet (I use the waterproof one). I might do a review of it later.

It’s heartbreaking, but I’m letting go. Goodbye, my beloved Falsies, Rocket, and Urban Decay Cannonball…

How long do you hold on to your mascaras?

Maria xoxo


Urban Decay Black Market

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set in Black Market. 6 gorgeous discreet shades . 0.8 g, meaning that they are travel size.


What can I say. I wish I could say that I just absolutely love them. They glide on smoothly, but they smudge off during the day on me. They are also not as pigmented as I wish they were. When using these, I have to repeat application a few times to get an ok coverage so they are easily used up.

I do like the shades in this set, though.

  • West: The brown in the set. A deep chocolate brown with a discreet shimmery finish to it. The most pigmented of the bunch.
  • Desperation: A matte taupe. The only matte in the set. Not very pigmented.
  • Black market: The black shade in the set. It’s not an intense black, but more on the grey side.
  • Riot: I would describe this colour as aubergine/eggplants. There are tiny purple shimmers in it. Very pretty shade.
  • Apathy: Beautiful moldy green/army green satin-y shade.
  • Ink: A royal blue with a satin finish.

For the staying power, I am not very impressed at all. They smudge off on me even though I am wearing them with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. The following pictures are me wearing Apathy as the only thing on my lid on top of the Primer Potion. That was about an hour after application, and I was staying at home all that time. No filter, retouch or photoshop of the below pictures. As you can see, the liner has literally migrated downwards!

UD liner

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils have received remarkable reviews – which was why I got them. After having tried them, I personally do not think that these liners are that great.

There you have it. My honest opinion about these liners.

Maria xoxo

Urban Decay Vice2 review and swatches

Better late than never! Here is my review and swatches of my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.

IMG_6286  IMG_6287

General verdict

This was my first Urban Decay palette ever! I got it on BeautyBay on sale including shipping (paid 60USD). So I thought that it was my chance to finally try an Urban Decay palette without paying more than what it costs in the stores in the States!

I had high expectations – really high. Because of that, I must say I got a little disappointed mostly because of the pigmentation. Generally, I found that I have to keep applying several layers to get the desired result. When swatching with the fingers directly from the pans, they’re great. But when I use them in action on my lids, the shadows are a little disappointing. Of course, my opinion of the shadows varies from shade to shade.

I love the packaging though. It looks and feels very luxurious, and with a huge mirror. It opens slowly when the open button is pushed which I think is a very nice feature.

IMG_6290  IMG_6291

The colours are very versatile. There are more shimmery/glittery shades (only 3 completely matte shades), but that doesn’t bother me a lot. There are neutrals as well as some popping colours. A very interesting and unique combination which I love about this palette.

Swatches and review of each shade


The white line you see is NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk.

First row:


SMOKEOUT: Smokeout is the “matte” black shade in this palette. It is not complete matte, but the reddish shimmers are barely visible. A very intense black I use a lot when I’m doing heavier looks.

LOVESICK: Lovesick is a black shade with silver shimmers. I think it lacks a little pigmentation. But could be a good supplement when a little of black and glitter is wanted.

SHELLSHOCK: This silver is the most glittery of the bunch. Good for a going-out looks when a pop of shimmer is needed. I am very satisfied with the pigmentation of this shade.

COAX: A shimmery pink. The shadow is buttery, and nice for a subtle pinky look.

X-RATED: A matte pink shade. I am disappointed with this one as it’s a little chalky. I would like it to be more pigmented and buttery.

Second row:


POISON: Dark grey with a little shimmer. This one is good when I want a black-ish colour without going too intense. But as you can see on the picture, it is not really pigmented unless a primer is worn.

STASH: A muddy green shimmery colour. This is not the most catchy shade of the palette, but it actually goes really beautifully on the skin. It is buttery and nicely pigmented.

STRIKE: A nice golden shade. Very good shadow with a good pigmentation and texture. This kind of gold is not what I usually would grab for when I do a look though. I need to experiment more with this shade!

MADNESS: A dark turquoise-ish shimmery shade. It is quite sheer, and I would like it to be more intense. I also have a little difficulty with using this kind of colour.

PRANK: One of the more special shades. It’s a dark blue with green shimmers. Not a shade for a neutral day time look. The swatch actually looks worse for what it is. I like to use this under the eyes for an intense black look. It looks really nice when the light catches the green shimmers.

Third row:


DERAILED: A shimmery taupe shade. This is one of my favourites of the palette. I like taupe, and this one is nicely pigmented and buttery. Sometimes, I just put this one on, and then I’m ready to go.

BETRAYAL: A light shimmery lilac shade that is very sheer in my opinion. So this would actually work as a funky highlighter when doing a fun look. I haven’t really been experimenting with this shade.

VOODOO: A dark shimmery purple. I have been using this a lot for a night-out look. It takes quite a few applications to get the result I want. So not the best texture to work with, but a very pretty shade I like a lot.

DAMAGED: This shimmery green looks lighter in the pan, and darker on the skin. I was surprised when I swatched it on as I really really love this shade of green. The pigmentation and texture is good with this one.

RADAR: I love my browns. There are 3 browns in this palette. Radar is the more glittery one of the bunch and very pigmented. It can be a little too much to be worn for a neutral day time look for me, but absolutely beautiful for an evening look.

Fourth row:


REWIND: This is the light matte brown shade of the palette. It looks a little shabby on the swatch, but is actually very handy. For a dark look, this can be used as a nice transition colour, and for a day-time look, this can be used as a contour! It is very good in this palette, I wouldn’t run out and buy a single of it.

AMBUSH: One of my favourites in this palette. It’s brown, it’s pigmented and buttery and it’s shimmery. Very good when I only have time to smack on one colour on my lids.

HABIT: A matte, light shade good for highlighting. The pigmentation and texture is mediocre.

TOXIC: A shimmery rosy/coral shade. Quite unique, in my opinion. This shade is very good for a natural look. For some reason, this is not the shade I grab for very often. You can get a better colour payoff when used with a primer, and nice sheer layer wihtout a primer.

DOPE: A very light slightly shimmery shade I like to use as a highlighter. I especially like to use this one for my inner corners.

The brushes

There is a two-ended brush coming with this palette. I think that it’s nice they have included a kind of blending brush instead of just the regular sponges you get with most palettes. They are nice but not great in my opinion.

Summing up

My favourite unique colours from the palette are Prank, Stash, Damaged and Voodoo. The neutrals I love are Derailed, Radar and Ambush. When using this palette, I almost always use Rewind and Habit as they are the matte contouring/highlighting shades.

It is a very interesting palette, and if you can afford to splurge, I think it is worth a try. But I don’t think a poor student should save up the hard-earned money to get this thing as there are some just as good or even better shadows out there at a lower price. Personally, I have a few NYX Singles I think are fantastic. They are great if you don’t have a lot of cash as they have a huge selection of shades, the quality is superb, and you can buy the specific shades you want for a very low price.

So… One of the reasons I am a little disappointed is exactly because I am that poor student. It was a big… huge deal for me to get this thing. I will make good use of this palette, and it will at least decorate my place a little for the pretty packaging it has 🙂

A few looks with Vice 2… so far

Using COAX only

The main colour is Voodoo. And then Smokeout to contour, and Prank under the eyes.

Derailed as main colour. Using Smokeout as contour and Shellshock as inner corner highlight. Click for more pictures


I thought I would quickly try on a few more shades, take some quick pictures and put them up before I post. So the above looks are something I did a while ago. The following are very fresh/now – and I brought my camera for high quality pictures – so EXCUSE me for that horrible pimple haha…. No photoshop, no filter. Just the eyeshadows and my pimples!

Worn with Milani Eye Primer. Dope as highlighter on the inner corners.


Lid: Derailed. Under eyes: Betrayal


Lid: Ambush. Under eyes: Damaged

Okay… I’m not at home, and I forgot my remover. I’ll just go with my 2 different eyes the rest of today 😀

Me with 2 different eyes

I’m SO happy I finally have the time to do this post, and I hope you have enjoyed  and somehow found it useful. I am working on a post about my skincare and some products and thoughts on some brands. Hope I can have it up soon.

Maria xoxo

Grey smokey eye with Urban Decay Vice2

This is a look I did for annual dinner at the company I was interning. The theme was wild wild west, so I did this look and put on a cowgirl hat 🙂

I primarily used the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. Poison on the whole lid, and then Smokeout as the contour colour. And then Lovesick for some pretty shimmer.

Habit and Rewind were used as transition colours, and Dope as highlighter on the inner corners.

I can’t say it enough. Remember to use an eyeshadow primer for optimal colour saturation!

Camera 360 ?????????? ?????????? Camera 360 IMG-20140125-WA0021

I had a really fun night with too much food. It was a perfect ending to my stay as an intern in the company and Hong Kong in general.

Maria xoxo

Urban Decay Canonball ultra waterproof mascara

I finally got my hands on this mascara. As I’m a big fan of Jen(frmheadtotoe), and she is always using the Urban Decay Canonball mascara, I really wanted to try it. With my Asian sparse and short lashes, I need a mascara that gives me both volume and length, plus it has to be waterproof because my eyes leak a lot – and to hold my curls.

IMG_5390  2013-08-07 15.26.55


The mascara gives me the volume and length I want after 2 coats, but it does clump a little bit. The wand is round and goes thinner at the tip. It is definitely waterproof, and  relatively easy to remove. I still think that my Maybelline Falsies tops this one.


Overall, I like it, and this will take over my Falsies when it dries out. I don’t know why, but the Falsies waterproof here in Hong Kong is just not exactly the same as the one I get back in Denmark. The Packaging and wand is the same, but the writing is in black(and not blue), and I feel that it’s not giving me the same kind of effect.

Have you tried this mascara? Or a mascara that is better than the Falsies?

Maria xoxo

Purple or orange?

So I randomly did two looks on my eyes today. Mainly using the Sleek i-Divine palette in 732 Snapshot. Yes, I still love it. There are just so many different fun colours in this palette, I feel like, I can keep play with it. I had a lot of fun doing them. This is what turned out after I played around for a bit. Product descriptions further down in this post.

purple and orange

This was the first look I came up with.

Purple products purple

I applied a deeper, matte purple on the inner and outer corner(Purple Haze), and then a light shimmery purple(Lotus Power) on the middle of my eyelid. I applied a darker/black shadow on the outer corner to give it some definition. On the lower lash line, I went ahead and applied a shimmery champaign colour(Martini) along with a pink shadow(Magneta Madness). I also lined the waterline with a light colour (NYX pencil in 928 Velvet). For the eyeliner, I used a brown gel liner from Bobbi Brown to create a softer look. Finishing off by highlighting the inner corner and browbone with a light shimmery Shadow(Martini).

Orange  products orange

For this orangy look, I applied Tequila Sunrise(a really bright, shimmery orange) on the whole lid, and used a brown colour on the outer corner. On the lower lash line, I used a pale, matte orange colour (Washed Ashore). I used a liquid liner from Loreal Ultra Sharp and winged it. I lined my lower lashline with a pencil from Sephora. Finishing off by highlighting the inner corner and browbone with a light shimmery Shadow(Martini).

This is the weird face wearing two different eye looks. Second one is with a different lighting and quality as I took it with my phone camera:


This is the Sleek palette I used. Click for larger photos:

IMG_5039  IMG_5041

The rest of the products I used:

products the rest

Makeup Forever HD Foundation N127. I’m NC42, so this is a tit too light for me. I mixed it with a darker one. Urban Decay Primer Potion. Maybelline the Falsies. Milani Multitaskter powder in 05 Tan. Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie. Sleek Blush in Suede 921. Revlon Colorstay concealer in 05 Medium Deep. YSL Eyebrow pencil. Shiseido Eyelash curler.

Hope you liked this post. I had a lot of fun doing them 🙂

Maria xoxo